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Check me out! I’m on the Cooking Channel’s Hidden Eats, USA (with Nancy’s Ecuadoran cart and Tortas Neza)!

I believe food is the greatest medium to communicate and connect. I create accessible, authentic experiences of cultures, designed to open up minds and palates. My areas of expertise are New York pizza and Roosevelt Avenue, Queens.

Here’s the difference with me: I live here. I am not a tour guide, and I am not a company. I am an insider to this community, showing you my favorites and my secrets. I will take you through passageways to the cultures that live here, and cherry pick the most eye-opening, heart-warming experiences. You won’t be lectured, you’ll be a participant in the most diverse area on the planet.

These tours are for you if you want to avoid touristy Manhattan and experience the Real New York. It’s for you if you want to participate in a neighborhood and become entrenched in the current cultures of the city. It’s for you if you love food and want to explore what the world has to offer.

1) Roosevelt Avenue Midnight Street Crawl
– Experience the greatest street food scene in NYC.  When the sun goes down, street food from Mexican, Ecuadorian, Colombian, Salvadoran, and Dominican street vendors come out. We’ll explore.

2) Tastes of the World
– Experience the cultural enclaves of Jackson Heights, Woodside, and Elmhurst in one afternoon.  Get an insider’s view to around 8 cultures such as Tibetan, Nepalese, Filipino, Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Mexican, Ecuadorian, Colombian, Thai and more in one afternoon. This neighborhood is awesome – you’ll become  a Queens convert before it’s done.

3) Queens Fiesta Crawl My newest tour. This explores from Jackson Heights to Corona, hitting heavily the Mexican and Ecuadorian scenes of Queens. This area is limitless with what we can discover.

(As seen in The Wall Street Journal, GothamistABC television’s The Chew, Midnight Crawl on Serious Eats, Momo Crawl on Serious Eats, the Cooking Channel’s Hidden Eats, USA, Delish, Techcrunch, UltraClay, Eat to Blog, Queens Chronic-le, Refinery 29, AMNY, Travels With Lulu, Scott’s Pizza Tour Blog, Champagne Living, AlleyWire, NewYork.com (and 2 and 3), NY TableHuffington Post, Village Voice’s Fork in the Road, Adventurous Kate, and HEARD on BBC’s You and Yours (starts at 16:48) and Heritage Radio’s NATIVE and Arts & Seizures)

Jeffrey Tastes Food Tours

“More than great food, more than culture it was a glimpse into life, a life in queens – after dark! Jeff is open, knowledgable, a guy you feel you have known for years. It was a true travel experience. We loved it!” –– See my other reviews on Vayable.com

Want a custom tour? I love challenges. Send me a message jeffsayyes —  g mail.

Portions of the Tastes of the World tour supported by the 82nd Street Partnership

The Himalayan Heights section of the Tastes of the World tour is supported by the Rubin Museum of Art

…Roosevelt Avenue helpers…

Roosevelt Avenue Find – Cocada de Coco
Roosevelt Ave Crawl Highlight – Warren Street, Street Cart Corridor
Refrescos on Roosevelt Ave Guide – Respados, Jugos & much more
Roosevelt Ave’s Taco Cart Vegetarian Options
What is a Cemita?
74th Street Station Taco Cart Menu Translations
75th Ave NE Taco Cart Menu Translation
Tacos el Consentido Translations
99th Street Quesadillas Guide
El Guayaquileno Mini Picanteria Truck Guide
Pique Y Pase El Pepin Ecuadorian Truck
Beat the Heat – Nieves, Raspados, Kulfi, Paletas on Roosevelt Avenue
Ecuadorian Food Cart… Defined!

Night Trucks:
Midnight Scouting Tour (90th St – 111th St)
Los Cuatro Vientos Taco Truck

I have also led large scale food crawls down Roosevelt Avenue. Information on those can be found here.

More info about the area:
BBC on trafficking, linked to Roosevelt Avenue (see portion 3)
Article from The Onion about Jackson Heights

Traveler resources:
Johnny T’s Guide to New York
Serious Eats’ Where to Eat in NY

My NYC recommendations on FourSquare

Unusual Hotels of the World


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  2. Hi, I took your World Food Tour in Jackson Heights – Roosevelt Ave about 3 months ago. One of the places we went to was a Pizza place that I’d like to return to. Someone wants to give me a birthday gift and having pizza there would make a great gift. I think it was on a slanted street and the young fellow who ran it had taken it over from a family member, and he told us about it. The pizza was delicious. Would you remind me where we went. I think it was right after going to the Bangladesh grocery store with all the frozen fish, or right after having ice cream with noodles at Raja Sweets, any which way it was in that immediate area. Thanks.

  3. Jeff – I am the new lifestyle and events director of a luxury apartment complex, 27 ON 27th (www.27on27th.com) in Long Island City, Queens. I would love to have you come to do a Q&A/Discussion with our residents, most of whom are professionals in their 20s and 30s and love food, wine, etc.

    Would you please call me as soon as possible at (718) 937-7626.

    Thank you!
    Lydia Lilli

  4. Do you have any tours tomorrow, Sunday, may4th? If so from where do they leave? We are in Town square? Also, our friend Natasha Uschock recommend your tour.

    • Hey Ericka, as of this week, I don’t do tours on the weekend. Email at jeffsayyes gmail to arrange something during the week – usually at 1:30pm.

  5. These are really very useful! Thanks for the tip

  6. It is really good information .thanks for posting……

  7. Dear Jeff,

    Found out about your amazing tour on Lonely Planet. Fortunately, my food-crazy friend from Japan and I have a chance to visit NYC soon (Jul 29 to Aug 3), and we hope to join your tour.
    We are most interested in exploring food trucks, quintessential lively New York food! – could you please advise which of the three tours you provide would be good for us (to begin with)?
    Appreciate any advice, thank you!


  8. Dear Jeff,

    Sorry, forgot another question –
    1) What time does your midnight food crawl tour begin?
    2) What does the tour charge $59 include?

    Thanks again!


    • Hey Kay, thanks so much for your enthusiasm!
      All my tours are equally awesome, and the Tastes of the World changes based on where you are from. It really depends on your availability. The “Midnight” Tour generally begins at 8 or 8:30pm. The Tastes of the World generally begins at 1:30pm.

      $59 includes food and drink at around 8 stops.

  9. good food

  10. Coming to queens ny Thursday night
    What tours do you have Thursday or sat?
    Oct 23, 25/2014

  11. Hey Jeff! I can’t figure out how to contact you on this page. We are wanting to book the midnight food crawl for two next Wednesday. Can you please send me a note if possible via email? Thank you!

  12. Dear Jeff, we tried to contact you on fb, but didn’t get an answer. We are a couple from Germany and will stay at NYC Sept. 13th and 14th. We found your name in an article “8 most entertaining tour guides in NYC” and it sounds very interesting what the article tells about you and the Roosevelt Ave midnight street crawl although we don’t have an exact idea what we expect but would like to spend an entertaining evening with a local and good food and drink. Best regards from Bielefeld, Germany. Aurelia and Werner

  13. Hi Jeff

    I tried to click on the one of the Queens tours I am interested in but an error page came up. I am going to New York to spend New years with my siblings and we are interested in 1) Roosevelt Avenue Midnight Street Crawl. Can you please let me know how I can connect to you on this or where I can buy tickets and check availability? There is going to be 6 of us and we are going to be there from 12/30 to 1/4/16. Thank You!

  14. Hi Jeff….I have not quite figured out how to attempt to book a tour..I am a Chef and it is my bday on Saturday..I am traveling in with one of my “foodie” friends and was wondering if there might be a tour available to grab onto or book somehow…
    I do not eat meat or eggs but will eat seafood and pretty much anything else

    Please let me know asap as I want to get something on my calendar for some long overdue fun..Thks..jenn

  15. Hi Jeff,

    I’d love to book a tour with you for my cousin, but can’t get through on the website. Please let me know how to connect with you.



  16. Hello!! I am interested on more info on a few of your tours for my visit in August. Which ones are currently being offered and how much do you charge? How can I book them? Thanks!


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