Posted by: Jeffsayyes | July 23, 2015

NYC Street Food Map

Here is a map of street food clusters in NYC. It is clusters instead of every single vendor because:

A) This map is evergreen – the vendors may change but the clusters generally remain the same. The spots are not set up randomly. Vendors cluster where there are a lot of potential customers and in places of low resistance. You’ll see them near major train stations, at park entrances, outside hospitals and schools, and also large swaths of brick walls or general nothingness (no one to complain).

B) This maintains what is exciting to me: A sense of discovery. By knowing the locations and type of vendors, you’ll have an idea what to expect but you will still have to search and find what is available. I love discovery and I hope you do too.

The map includes outdoor markets because I really don’t care if food has wheels on it or not. The reason I like street food is because the vendors are our city’s first entrepreneurs. I believe anyone who wants to work should work, and many times this is the shortest barrier to entry into the market.

Flag is permanent, single vendor
Picnic Table is a market

This map is not done, though I like to keep it correct.
If you have any updates for me, email me JeffOrlick – gmail

I love maps. I have a lot of maps in my collection. I’m going to make them public.

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