Posted by: Jeffsayyes | March 17, 2015

NYC Brewery Map

Here’s a map of all the breweries in NYC. This map also differentiates if you can eat at them or even if they make beer in NYC. Also important is if they distribute too. While it definitely is cool and respectable to brew for your own pub, it’s way cooler if you distribute.

GOLD – Bar, food, bottling
GREEN – Full bar and food
RED – Beer only
BLUE – Limited hours
BLACK – Closed to public

Lots of beers are locally owned but actually brew in other parts of the state or country. Some have intentions of brewing here, but until then they are on this list:
Radiant Pig, Alphabet City Brewing, Braven, City Island Beer, Harlem Brewing Company, Third Rail Beer, Evil Twin, Coney Island Brewing, Staten Island Brewing, Folksbier

If you have any updates for me, email me JeffOrlick – gmail

I love maps. I have a lot of maps in my collection. I’m going to make them public.


  1. Whoa, I frickon love this map. This is really comprehensive, and tons of great breweries on here. Thanks for this!

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