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The Conclusion of the 2nd Annual Momo Crawl

The 2013 Momo Crawl was awesome! Everything came together just right. From the $1 momo price, to the mandala map, to the trophy and the trophy presentation. Great format this year – only the weather could and did dampen the day.

For the price of 2 bills of any denomination, everyone was given a map, in the shape of a mandala, which laid out all 19 momo locations in the area. Groups were organized and told they could have momos at almost all the locations on the map for the price of $1 each – as opposed to the normal 8-at-a-time order. Participants did the crawl, finding and eating as many momos as they could, then came back to the starting point under the Jackson Heights Food Court marquee.


3 hours later, at the return point, we used part of our mandela maps to vote on a winner. The vote was a 3-way tie! The most votes went to Gangjong Kitchen, Tibetan Mobile, and Phayul. I couldn’t believe it. Of note is that these three are all Tibetan, with Gangjong being a bit more worldly than the others. It could be the Tibetan flavors do better with an American audience, or it could be that these all had their momos freshly made, which makes a big difference. Who would get the Golden Momo???  We did a run-off, making everyone vote between these three. A winner was determined, then we all walked as a group to deliver the trophy…

Phayul emerged as the winner! The staff tried immensely hard to win, and were extremely accommodating – but most importantly they had a great momo. I’m happy they won (and I am certain they have gotten better ever since). Congratulations!

The only thing I wish I could have done was gone on the crawl. I was so jealous of everyone who got to meet all the nice people, and sample all these different momos for the first time. Running the thing, I never get to participate. But in the end – everyone wins. The vendors make money, the area gets a name for itself, the attendees loved it. I don’t love doing events more than once, but this is just too good of a thing not to do again. See you next year ?

Special thanks to my helpers Malcolm and Diane Chang, and my Nepali Ambassadors Sahadev Poudel, Tshering “Phoolmaya” Gurung and Tshering Gurung. All photos courtesy Brian Yarvin.

Lhasa Fast Food c/o Tibet Mobile
37-50 74th St, Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Gangjong Kitchen
72-24 Roosevelt Ave

Phayul *Winner of 2013 Momo Crawl*
See the trophy next to the picture of the Dalai Lama
4-06 37th Rd


There is a lot that went into this crawl. Lots of meanings and process to create the map and the trophy. I will detail this in another, much longer post. Until then: Enjoy momos!

Home Sweet Queens’ wrap-up
Chopsticks and Bone Marrow’s wrap-up

*If you would like a copy of the Mandala Map, email me jeffsayyes -at- gmail , and I will give you the info to send 2 bills of any denomination in exchange for a map.*


  1. Hi there,

    Sorry I missed this. Who’s momo is the one that looks like a chinese steamed bun?? It’s making me salivate.


    • I’m not certain, but I think it would be Phayul. They are the only one I can think of that does the round dumplings in a metal steamer….

  2. Hello. Love the website and the various food crawls. Do any of you know of any carts/restaurants in Jackson Heights that sell halal momos? I just started to eat only halal meat and would appreciate any feedback to help me satisfy my beef momo craving. Thanks!

    • Hey Sajjad, that’s a really good question! As of right now, no one explicitly says Halal… although it is very possible that some of them get their meat from Halal butchers. I would say the best bet would be in the Jackson Heights Food Court. Let’s notify each other if we find one!

      • thanks a lot – will let you know if i find anything

  3. […] Next up is the third annual Momo Crawl, happening Saturday, November 22nd from 2:00 – 5:00 PM. Crawl-goers will meet at the Jackson Heights Food Court (under the marquee) where they will receive a map of all the participating businesses before heading out to the momo-makers. For those of you unfamiliar with the momo, it is a Himalayan dumpling commonly made in Nepal and Tibet, though it’s begun to spread to different regions, says Orlick. This year’s crawl will again sell $1 momos, but includes a bunch of fun new activities. For instance, GangJong Kitchen is offering dinner for two to anyone who can whistle after eating their mouth-numbing momo, and Little Tibet will give a momo demo, showing people how to make the dumplings at home. There’s been talk of momo t-shirts and tattoos, and Orlick hints at more surprises in the works. At the end of the crawl, everyone will gather back at the Jackson Heights Food Court for voting and the golden momo trophy ceremony, which brought much excitement to the event last year.  […]

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