Posted by: Jeffsayyes | August 7, 2013

Iftar Box Rundown

This has been a dream of mine for years – A rundown of every Iftar box in Jackson Heights. These boxes have been an item of intrigue — the to-go box of food, set up for sale outside the food establishment, only during the month of Ramadan (ENDS TONIGHT, AUG 7TH!).

What I learned when documenting is that Iftar is awesome. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from daybreak until sundown. No water, no food (but people still work during the day). This leads to lots of cranky Muslims around 5pm, and then ravenous delight as soon as approximately 8:15pm rolls around. Food – what a celebration.

In the Jackson Heights area, most of the Muslim businesses are Bangladeshi, with a minority Pakistani. I learned that there is more or less a standard Iftar box – but all are intriguing. I learned that there are some specials (like at Premium Sweets who had some awesome jalebi with all sorts of toppings like pistachio, coconut shavings, etc). And I learned that the process of fasting and relieving is a wonderful exercise in the body and spirit.

Here is the Iftar Rundown:

Premium Sweets, 3714 73rd St – $8 —–

Haat Bazaar Grocery, 3711 73rd St ($8):


Khaabar Baari, 37-22 73rd St ($6):


Cafe Taj, 7306 37th Ave ($6):


Merit Farms, 3767 74th St:

Iftar Special, $5.99

Iftar Deluxe, $7.99

Al Naimet, 3703 74th St ($6):


Jackson Heights Food Court, 73-07 37th Rd rear (Bangladeshi) ($6):

Kabab King, 7301 37th Rd ($6)

Old exterior, courtesy Joseph Aranha RIP

There are others, but the boxes weren’t as readily available. Visit the area and find a box of your own – or better yet, stay for a meal and see the madness.

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