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The Momo Crawl 2013 – Announcement

Momo Crawl on Sunday, May 19th. 1:30pm.

This must be done.

With the opening of Friends Cafe last week, there are now 19 places serving momos in the Little India vicinity of Jackson Heights. These Himalayan dumplings quietly have become the most popular dish in Queens.

To celebrate this influx of Himalayans to the area, I am organizing my 2nd Momo Crawl. This population of Tibetans, Nepalese, and the surrounding cultures have had such a positive effect on our area, I want to be strong in welcoming new immigrants to New York City. These entrepreneurs of our area, these locals who have the courage not to open up a Subway, need our support.

Last year we kept it to 30 people because of space limitations, but this year we have use of the Jackson Heights Diversity Plaza thanks to co-host Sukhi NY and are now aiming for MASSIVE.

Meeting place: Jackson Heights Plaza (37th Rd between 74th Street and Broadway, or 7301 37th Rd, Jackson Heights, Queens)

At the meeting point, attendees will be given a map of the area in exchange for 2 bills of any denomination they choose. You will be organized in groups of 8 to facilitate momo eating. Costs for momos will be split amongst the group.  At each stop you make, your map will be stamped.  Upon your return to the plaza, we will all decide on a winner. The winner will be presented with a giant momo trophy – which in the meantime will be displayed somewhere on 37th Road by the end of next week.  (see progress of momo trophy here).


We must find the greatest momo.
It’s a dream come true. 



You can find me on Twitter Facebook Vine
Co-Host: Sukhi NY
Media Partner:
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NY1 – airing Monday(4/13), Saturday (4/18)
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  1. Signing up for 2 people please

    • Great, see you there! No need to sign up, but do tell your friends.

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