Posted by: Jeffsayyes | December 10, 2012

Jackson Heights Gift Crawl

By popular demand, here is the map for the Jackson Heights Gift Crawl.

This was one of my dream events – in particular because it didn’t specifically involve food. It is very important to me to relieve myself of these dreams by making them happen, and I’m lucky to live in a place where these things can come true.

Here at the JH Gift Crawl, we went to around 10 of my favorite spots to get fun stuff. I got great feedback from the group, most never being at these places before. It was also an excuse for everyone to walk around the neighborhood. I’m not going to prosthelytize the neighborhood, but I will prosthelytize being outside and walking around a new space, meeting new people.

Unfortunately, one of my favorite places to get stuff, Botanica San Francisco de Asis, had to move out of their location because of a heating dispute (there wasn’t any) – but otherwise it was good to get some money and minds circulating.

The big commercial winner of the event was J&A Laundromat (7510 Roosevelt Ave) a laundromat which has endearing sweaters, hats, and kids outfits from Ecuador.

Stay tuned for the next dream: the conclusion of the Halalathon!


  1. Fantastic, thank! Do you have a PDF version?

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