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What to Eat at the Viva La Comida! Festival

The first thing I want so say is that it’s pretty much Viva La Comida! every day of the week on 82nd Street – But tomorrow on Friday, it’s going to be even more comida loco.

But before you get hungry, tell your friends on facebook what you’re doing tomorrow:

Now let’s get to the guide.All of the trucks will be lined up on 82nd Street across the street from Dunningham Park. There may be one on Baxter Avenue too, look for it as you peruse all the stuff. There’s a lot, so bring friends and be prepared to loosen your pantwaists. Here are some suggestions for what to eat:

Taqueria Coatzingo (40-18 82nd St) is going to have a table outside, I have no idea what they are doing (other than having a mariachi band), but there is no reason why you shouldn’t go inside and have al pastor tacos and beers there.

or woah, look at this cemita below of the milanesa de res kind (beef cutlet)

—- Again, bring friends….

Now let’s talk Chipper Truck (normally located at 237th St & Katonah Ave, Woodlawn, Bronx) . Here’s my post. You cannot go more chipper than the battered and fried bangers (sausages). Whooooo!

Pandebono from Las Delicias de Pandebono (40-23 82nd St). This is a mainstay of my food tours – and many other people’s tours in the area. It’s cheap ($1.25), and guaranteed delicious because they keep fresh ones in the oven all day. You cannot go wrong.

Las Delicias de Pandebono

Now, let’s go over to the Arepa Lady(Normally located at Roosevelt & 78th or 79th St). She is a local and a legend. Yes, her arepas are the best, and yes, you should get one with cheese or a choclo – which is sweeter b/c it’s made from corn. Both has it’s suitors. Which are you?

Choclo courtesy Roboppy

And now let’s Tacos la Familia (Roosevelt & Warren NE, after 9:30pm). Victor and Laura have the homiest Mexican food found on the streets of Roosevelt Avenue. I asked them to make something special like her pancita, but I have no idea what is on their menu for the night. Look at the picture below at the items flanking the quesadilla. These are their Gorditas. They are incredible and massive. I only get these on tours if I have at least 8 people to share it with.

Tacos la Familia

Now let’s talk about Louie’s Pizzeria (81-34 Baxter Ave). It’s a necessary stop on my world tours, they are that good. Could be the best Grandma slice in the city.They might have a pasta special too for the day. They are in the rear of Dunningham Triangle, so be sure to get a slice before you’re full.

Grandma Pie at Louie’s Pizzeria

But of course, you gotta get a torta from Tortas Neza (Normally at Roosevelt/111th St NE, 1pm-1am). He’s the star of the show. I’ve already posted about him a million times, if you aren’t a convert yet, you just haven’t been there. If you have any annoying friends that harp on “ohh, there’s no good Mexican food in New York…” — You HAVE to bring them here.

And another favorite from the Midnight Tours, Coyote Dormilon (Roosevelt & 92nd Street, after 9:30pm). This group makes the best quesadillas on the avenue and their cart is the coziest. They love to cook and it shows.

Morocho – Here’s a picture (I am not going to wait to ask for permission to post the picture, just click the link)- but I’m excited to try their burger everyone talks about.

There’s also going to be Colombian fruit shakes on the street from Las Americas Bakery (4030 82nd St) and others.

And then when you’re done, Kung Fu Tea (8202 Roosevelt Ave) is doing a special too. Damn. There’s more, but this is a start…. Enjoy it.

And of course, to digest the food, there’s a market inside the Jackson Heights Cinemas, seating on Ithaca Street, and musical entertainment, and the silleteros.



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