Posted by: Jeffsayyes | March 29, 2012

Introducing: The Ambassador Test Kitchen

The Ambassador Program is one of the best things I’ve done. I really like how it’s making people’s food dreams come true. Lately in my travels, I’ve come across businesses that want to try out new ideas for themselves. I have always liked trial runs and thought that these special occasions, like friends and family nights, were especially seductive. Also, I get so excited and my mind gets whirling when I start brainstorming with business owners – it would be a shame to let all this creative energy go to waste!

So what I’m doing is bringing these new experimental ventures to my friends who follow my stuff, and I’m calling it The Ambassador Test Kitchen.

We’re starting off with restaurant that I’ve admired for years: Thailand Center Point. They always appealed to me as the obvious underdog to the ubiquitously mentioned SriPraPai down the block. They are unique in their style and their menu, without being in your face about it. And when I brought other publications to them, they got to know who I was and I got to know who they were. I met the mother/chef Annie Phim, who amazes me because she’s relentless with being fresh and keeping her customers and herself interested. I met the daughters who usually work as servers, and I became acquainted with how and why they do business.

Annie revealed to me that what she really wanted to do was teach Thai cooking. I revealed to her that I find people to participate in other people’s dreams. We picked a Tuesday at 2pm because Annie is the only cook at TCP, and 2pm is her down time. Wednesdays are busy because Sriprapai is closed then, and Thursdays through Sundays are busy all day. I understand that this is not as convenient for everyone, but I also understand this is New York City with 8 million freaks and 4 million different schedules. I think we can make this happen.

Here’s the line:

Thai Tuesday – the First Thai cooking class at Thailand Center Point
Tuesday, April 3rd, 2-4pm
Owner, Annie Phim, will be showing common ingredients and cooking methods for Thai food, then demonstrations for:

– Papaya salad
– Thom Yum Goong soup
– Drunken Noodle

With hands-on teaching for at least one of these dishes (probably papaya salad).

Drunken Noodles, courtesy: Judibean

Cost: $48 (includes special gift)
Must pre-pay via Venmo (preferred), paypal, check or cash
Limit 10 people
Thai Center Point, 63-19 39th Ave, Woodside, Queens

If this is a success, TCP will offer more cooking classes throughout the year. This is Annie’s dream – I hope we can make it happen!

To sign up, contact:

JeffOrlick -at- gmail

Because it is such a small class and we can’t afford cancellations, we must pre-pay. Please contact me asap to get the payments settled and your RSVP in.

Ohh, check it out, we did our Queens Love interview there last month!

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