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Woks and Lox – Chinese Auction Presents

The origin of the word Chinese Auction is largely unclear; either it was a mistaken identity of “chance auction” or a socialite thought the Orient was mysterious and intriguing, so she branded her game Chinese. Most Chinese people don’t know much about it, but Jews love it! If you don’t believe me, ask em.

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For our event, every drink will get you a raffle ticket, and every raffle ticket gives you a chance to win a bucket of prizes. We’re going to have 8 buckets of prizes from our sponsors. We only work with people we love, so here is a list of sponsored giveaways we’ll have at the event (there may be more!).

One of the sets of prizes will be the Lactaid Set. Included in this set is Lactaid pills along with:

– Tickets to Scott’s Pizza Tours – Scott is THE authority of pizza in NYC. Obsessed doesn’t touch what he is. Scott does pizza tours in Lower Manhattan and a bus tour through a few boroughs at a time. He’s an inspiration for me not only as a pizza guru, but for a tour dude. He’s got it straight – look at his reviews on Trip Advisor, you have less than a 1% chance of thinking it Average and a 95% chance of regarding it Excellent. Not bad.

– Grandma pie from Louie’s Pizzeria (81-34 Baxter Ave, Elmhurst, Queens) – This is their signature pizza – I challenge you to find a better version. Louie’s is awesome, and so is Louie. They make their own pasta and dry age their own steaks. It’s a family operation, with Louie’s dad running the pasta station – after years at some of the best Italian restaurants in Manhattan.

– Biancoverde pie from Roebling Pizza ( ) – I asked Marc from Roeblng Pizza to give me the most lactose intolerant pie and he came up with the Biancaverde. Apart from spinach, it’s got enough cheese to make any lactose intolerant person to howl (and their partner to leave the room) …  But as far as the slice, this is a real deal shop. The only awning sign says PIZZERIA – but that might be because that’s all there’s space for up there. This closet of a pizzeria serves one pie at a time, with toppings put on to order so it’s always fresh. It’s my favorite slice in the neighborhood.

– Real Pizza of New York iPhone app– As you may know, this is my app. It’s freaking awesome (29 raters can’t be wrong!). I have over 130 pizzerias listed in there with pictures and descriptions. The only listing in there I don’t have personal experience with is franny’s in Park Slope. It’s basically my life’s work. I’ll give away a few copies to iPhone carriers at the party.

Other presents will include assemblies of the following:

– 4-packs of Fresh Ginger Ale by Bruce Cost. From my first taste of this stuff, I was hooked. I just can’t get enough of my Bruce Cost.

– Roosevelt Avenue Midnight Street Food Tour for 4 – This is my signature tour that’s been heating up the airwaves. If you win this raffle, you can bring up to 3 friends on a tour of the Roosevelt Avenue street food scene. It’s awesome, we eat Mexican, Colombian, Dominican, and Ecuadoran food – late into the night – all expenses paid.

Card Holders from Hail The Right Brain This is Veronica and her sister Kelly’s genius creation – duct tape wallets. Ultra durable and Uber cool. Each is one of a kind, made with their gentle hands. We’re giving away a special set of Woks and Lox inspired card holders.

– Gabrielle Glaser’s groundbreaking book, Strangers to the Tribe – We just thought it was appropriate for the event.

– A present from Queens Kickshaw – You know how we feel about them. My impression of them remains the same from day one.

– JoJu Modern Vietnamese is offering their signature sandwich sampler for two, which includes lemongrass chicken bahn mi and a bulgogi bahn mi, in addition to a spring roll, and 2 forms of Vietnamese coffee. I’m a big fan of this shop. The owners are super nice, and try hard. I want to do some more events with them, they should bustle. Try the bulgogi.

– Jack Eichenbaum is offering a ticket to his signature tour: The World of the #7 Train. I went on this last year, it is epic! It’s only offered once a year, and he takes his group from Grand Central Station to Flushing with lots of stops in between. It is the essential Queens tour. Jack and Scott from Scott’s Pizza Tours are my two biggest tour heroes.

and Gottlieb’s Restaurant (352 Roebling St,  Brooklyn) is offering a $20 gift certificate. You gotta check out this area around Lee Street. It’s like stepping back in time. You’ll find some great traditional Jewish food, but probably the king of the neighborhod is Gottlieb’s. I was happy just to meet with these guys. For $20, you can get noodle kugel, derma, kasha varnishkes, and a lot more that your grandmother maybe made.

and more


  1. Just wanted to say that I had lots of fun (and not just because I won a prize!). It was a very novel idea and I enjoyed the snacks and special drinks. Who knew that heating and spicing Manischewitz makes it less cloying?

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