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Woks and Lox, the very first Asian & Jewish Christmas

I love doing events on holidays. While many of my friends complain that they can’t make it because of family stuff, others love it because holidays are one of the loneliest times of the year. Being a Jew in a shiksa town where I grew up, my memories are mostly of desolate streets on the way to the Chinese take-out. This is no exaggeration. But that was fine. It was kind of relaxing… When the world goes quiet, you destress. Now, however, me and my co-producer Veronica Chan want to throw a party inspired by that:

The very first Jewish and Asian Christmas.

This is in celebration of the undeniable bond between Jews and Asians, especially on Christmas. We’re having a dinner and a party and, you probably don’t want me to cook, so we have chef Chichi Wang preparing a Jewish and Chinese fused meal for the dinner, and also finger foods for the nosh party afterwards. Also, Ben Sandler of The Queens Kickshaw is creating drinks from our mash-up of cultures. We can’t let that cat out of the bag this moment, but I will say that these menus are astonishing, to say the least. Well, I think so. I’ll put it on the site soon.

But we can’t just eat and drink. No way, there’s so much fun to have. So we’re doing other forms of entertainment as well. We keep on learning more and more about the cultures, Rachel A turned me onto Chinese wedding games – and they are awesome – so we’re going to do a bunch of them with you – but we gotta twist them Jewish for our night. Also, at the end of the night, we’ll have a Chinese auction. And in the middle of it all, 4 ladies playing mah jongg (I’m serious). The fact is that we have lots of sponsors, who we want to show off how great they are. Seriously, we don’t work with any businesses we don’t love. So, we have giveaways from He’Brew, The Chosen Beer, Jack Eichenbaum (who is doing a tour of Flushing this weekend, BTW), Fresh Ginger Ale by Bruce Cost, Veronica is giving away special Woks & Lox wallets from Hail the Right Brain, I’m giving away tickets to my Midnight Street Food tour. Actually, there’s more than that, we have JoJu’s Modern Vietnamese, and of course there are pizza giveaways… from Louie’s Pizzeria in Elmhurst, and Roebling Pizza in Williamsburg, in addition to tickets to Scott’s Pizza tour. There’s more and I will get into it in another post – this is getting long already.

We’re doing it at one of our favorite places, The Queens Kickshaw – on Christmas Eve. And even if you can’t come, we don’t want you to feel left out – so we’re making holiday cards, money holders, and party t0-go packs from V and I at Woks & Lox. It’s going to be fun, I hope you can attend. Here’s the line:

Woks and Lox
Saturday, Dec 24th, Christmas Eve
Dinner: 5-7pm, ticket includes Nosh party
Nosh Party: 7-9pm
at The Queens Kickshaw (40-17 Broadway  Astoria)
You must buy tickets in advance (ie NOW) through:

Got any suggestions for a fun activity involving Jewish and Asian cultures?  We’d love to hear from you.


  1. Jeff, you are a genius.

    Unfortunately I have plans that evening (Chinese food out on Long Island, what else?). I’m very sorry to be missing this event.

    Good yontiff!

    • haha, thanks Todd – Tell your friends!

  2. Wish I could attend, but having married a shaygetz precludes that.

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