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Pugsley’s Pizza – Bronx Wonderworld

Pugsley’s Pizza
590 East 191st St
Bronx, NY 10458-5141

The street is so unlikely. We thought for sure we were lost – but no, out on 191st Street, blocks away from Little Italy, tucked in a parking lot in the back of the Gulf Station on an otherwise residential street – was Pugsley’s Pizza.

Look down, there’s the logo in the concrete.

It’s just about the greatest college and neighborhood pizzeria there is. When you walk inside, the eclecticity is startling.

Meet Sal and his 3 generations of family that run the place.

The entire west side is filled with pictures of friends and memories, many from Fordham University. There must be two thousand different faces on the walls.

And the signs – the signs!

When Sal shows you around, you realize everything has a purpose. Every detail has meaning. But most of all: Love is it!

Statue of Liberty

Sal painted the entire shop. He, his family, and friends put together every board. The building used to be a horse stable, but they’ve reconstructed it into Sal’s dream pizza shop. Every corner has a lyric to his own poetry, every construct has deep meaning to him.  This is a man with a thousand hats.

I love you day and night 100%” for his wife

Four stones for his four children

Ventilation system decorated in memory of the Challenger space shuttle

Give me Wood – I give you Fire in the fireplace

Keytar in the basement

Look down when you order. “Love Is It” – motto of Pugsley’s

And how’s the pizza?
Not bad.

Try it with the hot peppers


  1. Pizza is good but love is it.

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