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Ecuadorian Food Cart Defined

Here is the Ecuadorian food cart defined:

1. Llapingacho – fried, mashed potato with cheese inside
2. Morcilla – blood sausage
3. Fritada – fried pork
4. Humita – Similar to a tamale, but uses ground corn instead of masa
5. Choclos – whole corn
6. Sancocho – stewed pork
7. Morocho – Drink made with corn, milk, sugar, and cinnamon
8. Papas con cuero – potatoes with pork skin
9. Mote con habas – hominy (large corn kernals) with lima beans
10. Chicharron – fried pork skin
11. Chicharron con maize – fried pork and corn
12. Tostado – toasted corn

This cart was found on Roosevelt and 79th Street.

Also look out for:
Elote – whole corn w spices on it
Hornado – whole roast pig
Bandera – three different things on the plate in stripes, like a flag

Check out what was on the bottom of my morocho! This is no arroz con leche…

The carts are usually very similar, but sometimes there’s a dish totally out of left field. Like these little guys below in the upper right, maiz con queso y panela (that’s a sweet, chewy tamal with cheese and a caramel-like substance):

Thanks to Laylita for her language help. Her website is awesome for cooking.


  1. that maiz con queso y panela looks mighty good…

    • It was dense, a lot like a bready caramel candy. I much prefer a humita, but the packaging on that little guy is hard to beat.

  2. I’m still trying to figure out what this “foam in a cone” is. It looks like
    white filling from a Hostess cupcake, that’s scooped into an ice cream cone. An Ecuadorian girl was selling it at Junction Blvd and Rossevelt
    in front of the fish market. Any help?

  3. […] Picaditas Ecuatoriano – All I wanted at Viva La Comida was a pig on a cart. These carts are iconic to Roosevelt Avenue in Corona, but the past two years they have eluded the fest. Owe it mainly to the desire to be loyal to their customers, it was up until the last minute of cementing the lineup that the lovely Claudia from Ricas Botanas (see above) used her charm and influence to convince Picaditas Ecuatoriano to come. This should be a good show. For a primer on what to get at these carts, see my page here: Ecuadorian Food Cart Defined […]

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