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Burmese Ambassador – Opening of Tastes Village

“If you should happen to be in touch with the sisters, please tell them that they are brilliant.” – guest of the Ambassador

Tastes Village came out of necessity: we made friends with talented Burmese chefs without a dining room. The only thing I could do was have the Ambassador Program in my studio apartment.

courtesy Judy K.

A trip to Build It Green, my parents house, and the salvaging of abandoned police blockades gave me 3 long benches and 2 sizable tables. My bed went into the closet, and massive rearrangements made it possible for 20 of us to do it like Myanmar. It was awesome!

Burmese cuisine is rare in New York. The food tastes like palatable Indian crossed with Thai and Chinese. Though the small population could conceivably sustain it, not one Burmese restaurant remains in the boundaries of New York City. People were quick to get excited at the faintest whisper of possibility for an Ambassador event.

We were blessed to have Sophie be our ambassador for the night. She plated the items, told how everything was made, and showed pictures and stories about Burma. The chefs were her cousins, who had a restaurant in Burma for 40 years, but came to Queens because it sucks there. Here’s a video she sent me:

There’s a lot of food to show. I can say comfortably that everything we had was on an even level of greatness and sincerity.

Coconut Rice / Courtesy: Judy K

Assorted Veg. with fermented shrimp dipping sauce / Courtesy: Judy K.

Eggplant and shrimp stir fried ( Ka Yan Tee Hnat with Pa Zun) / Courtesy: Judy K

Our Ambassador, Sophie, mixing the tea leaf salad

Pork Stew (Wat Tha Ni) / Courtesy: James Boo

Fish Noodle in gravy soup (Mont-hin-ga) Fish, lemongrass, yellow bean powder, peanut powder, ginger, banana tree stem, onion, and garlic / Courtesy: Judy K.

Chicken Curry with Potatoes (Kyat Thar Si pyan) / Courtesy: James Boo

Fishcake salad (Nga Pe Thoke) Fishcake, cabbage, onion, roasted bean powder, kaffir lime leave, peanut oil / Courtesy: James Boo

And scenes from the crowd:

Tea Leaf Salad (Labet thoke) presentation / Courtesy: Judy K

Tea Leaf Salad - mixed / courtesy: James Boo

Shweji cake (Semolina cake) shwe ji sa nwin ma kin -- Banana cake, nga pyaw tee sa nwin ma kin -- Jello (Kyauk kyaw) / Courtesy: Judy K

Jello (Kyauk kyaw) / Courtesy Judy K.

Thank you Sophie and the Sisters 1000x. All the best for you.

To write to Sophie, our ambassador, put in your To:, iLoveBurmeseFood\gmail

For more Burmese events around New York, consult Moegyo
A portion was donated to buy a breakfast of Mont Hin Ga for:
Home for the Aged Kandawkalay
539, Theinbyu Road


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