Posted by: Jeffsayyes | August 29, 2011

Roosevelt Avenue Food Crawl Supplemental Scorecard

The Roosevelt Avenue Scouting Tour‘s purpose was to research all of the street food on Roosevelt Avenue from 90th Street til 111th Street. It was a long tour, and I get bored easily, so I had to make a fun way to keep a record of what we had and what was awesome.

I always liked the idea of baseball scorecards, keeping all track of all the stats of the game on your one sheet of paper with markings and symbols. Although I never actually filled one out myself, I thought it’d be cool to make a custom one for the tour.

Instead of innings, I put in the cross streets vendors are known to be. Normally At Bats, Hits, Errors, and Left On, I changed only At Bats to Eats – which essentially just means attempts for both parties – and left hits, left on, and errors to serve new meanings for the food plate purpose. And on the bottom where you generally have pitcher stats, I prompted the user to tell about their highlights and give a tally for what they had.

Fun idea, and the crowd were smiles, but by our third stop, most people stuffed it in their back pockets for good – oh well! Enjoy.

Right Click -> Save As… Roosevelt Tour Scorecard

Original Baseball Scorecard


  1. What a neat and fun idea. I like it! It certainly would’ve appealed to my beloved dad, who was both a baseball fan and a foodie (I think I inherited the latter from him, along with a bit of the former).

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