Posted by: Jeffsayyes | August 18, 2011

Brothers Pizzeria – Fresh Meadows, Queens

Hey Joe, does it tastes like when you started?
“It tastes exactly the same.”

Joe’s been at Brother’s Pizzeria for nearly 40 years. With integral letters of the signs falling off, like the R in Brothers and the R in Restaurant (Somebody hates these Rs!), it’s nice to see a sameness in a neighborhood with such a fast moving demographic. It’s nice that though Deli Masters remains a shell, abandoned by high rents, Brothers is still here putting out a slice.

Nearly everyone gets a regular slice – oregano tinged, thick sauce, heavy heated over a smokey, crackling crust. There’s none behind a sneeze glass, and you won’t see a chicken and broccoli or a buffalo and bleu either. Instead, you’ll get a regular and a square behind the counter, and Joe in the middle of making another.

Brother’s Pizzeria
185-04 Horace Harding Expressway
Fresh Meadows NY 11365


  1. God, I remember going into Brother’s Pizza so many times when I worked in Fresh Meadows. This really takes me back, and brings such a smile to my face (and my taste buds!)

    Fantastic and delicious slices – both the regular slice and the squares. It was our go-to place for pizza for lunch. That, and Bagel Nosh (our office was right above that). Ahhh…memories. I’m glad that in a constantly changing foodie world, great places like Brother’s are still there, creating gorgeous slices.

    Thanks for sharing this, Jeff.

  2. Thanks for the memories and pix. I can taste that slice here in Nevada. I used to work at the Century Meadows Theatre in the 70’s and Brothers was the best. Sad to hear that Delimasters is gone.

  3. Thanks for the writeup. I grew up on 182nd st, BEFORE Brother’s existed. We used to go to Villa Secundo, which did large takeout pies for $3 (probably about $10-12 in today’s dollars).

    Nothing beats NY pizza; look forward to going to Brother’s again next time I’m in Queens.

    Los Angeles

    • Hey Eric – I grew up on 182nd to, at the corner of 65th Ave. Now I live in Sacramento. I went to Brother’s last year. Had not been there since 1974. I was shocked to find the place as I remembered, and the pizza just as good. Put a real smile on my face, that.

  4. I too went to Secundo’s Italian Restaurant. My family went there after my mom’s
    funeral. I miss Delimasters. Have had Brother’s Pizza and glad that they are
    still around and also Bagel Nosh.
    Fresh Meadows

    • I am glad every time I go past and I see the place is still for rent. I hope the selfish landlord goes into financial peril.

  5. Stopped there 3 days per week with my pals on the way home from Ryan JHS. Glad to see Joe is well. His “pies” remain the benchmark of pizza art for all of us who lived in Fresh Meadows! Same for Bagel place, Fan Fan Chinese, Deli Masters and Horn & Hardart. Let’s not forget Lox O’Rama.

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