Posted by: Jeffsayyes | August 3, 2011

Lower Manhattan Not Trenton Pizza Tour – Annie’s Last Dance – 900 Degrees, Rubirosa, Lil Frankies

Annie of Annie’s Jersey Pizza Tours is turning southerner – And that’s okay, we wish her well. So for our last official run of Annie’s Jersey Pizza Tour, we wanted to make it Trenton. The arrangements were set, then a couple of days before the weekend we find out that one of the DeLorenzo’s was closed for vacation. We marveled that a pizzeria could close in the peak of summer eating time. Instead, we did a Not Trenton Walking Tour of some of my favorite pizzerias in NYC. Trenton will have to be had without Annie.

We started at Rubirosa (235 Mulberry St). This is one of my favorite places to eat pizza in NYC. You get the rarity of a Staten Island slice, in Manhattan, with lots of room in a multi-faceted (but all cool) dining room. Everytime I go there, I find something new I love. This time, for me it was the sausage and broccoli rabe pie. For others it was the vodka pie. yeahhhh

On to Lil’ Frankies at 19 First Avenue. This is another of my favorite environments to eat, especially in the back room bordering the garden. The pies were great, but I think our experience may have been shortened because the recommended meatball pie was a little too similar to the margherita pie. I still dig the crusts though.

900 Degrees (29 7th Ave S), my latest favorite, was next and last. They took us out. While the first time I went, I loved the tomato pies, this time the margherita far outshined. Also, we tried the Roman pie, which gives you essentially 3 courses of pizza in one. Tony, the owner from San Francisco was even there to help us navigate the menu. He’s a great guy who cares about his pizza and being awesome. I hope they do well. Mmm, I do still like that Trenton pie. Their version may have made up for us not having it in Jersey.

And check out this meatball!

It’s only the beginning.


  1. I’ve never been to any of these in all the years I lived and worked in New York, but upon my return visit back home (one of these years, hopefully sooner) I shall definitely treat myself to any and/or all (most likely, ALL) of these delicious sounding (and looking) pizza shops. Vodka pizza sounds especially intriguing, I have to say. So, you not only get high from the taste of the gorgeous pizza’s ‘normal’ ingredients, but the vodka provides an extra kick? Wow – sign me up!

    Thanks for sharing these, Jeff.

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