Posted by: Jeffsayyes | June 28, 2011

Evermoving Draft, Queens Kickshaw

I want to take a quick moment at talk about the Kickshaw. Within the last couple of months, they’ve installed a set of drafts and a huge cabinet of beers and et ceteras. I love their system: Every keg is a one-off limited-run and when it’s tapped, they never serve it again. For me, as someone who rarely even drinks beer, I feel like it’s totally cool to know NOTHING about the beers. Because the drink menu is so esoteric and everchanging, practically no one can have a know-it-all expertise of their drink menu, and most people are ordering something they haven’t tried before – we’re all on equal tasting grounds. They put an effort to have lots of different styles of beers and other drinks like shrubs, fresh sodas and, as their foundation, coffee. I have the biggest restaurant ADD out of anyone – I’m not getting tired of this anytime soon.

There’s at least 15 stories to write about this place, but I’m gonna clip it at the neverending drafts for a few months. Check out the Iced Coffee on tap now too, I think that may stay for good though.

Queens Kickshaw
40-17 Broadway (nr Steinway), Astoria

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