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Himalayan Hut – Jackson Heights

Himalayan Hut represents at least 6 different cuisines: Tibetan, Indian, Desi-Chinese, American-Chinese, Thai and Bhutanese – by way of family ties and their Calcutta origin. They have given the restaurant a big time upgrade from the former Deshi Biryani, getting rid of the dank dark interiors by adding light, opening up the space, and giving it some bamboo character. It’s now could be considered inviting. I appreciate the halal-quality Desi-style Chinese food, but there is a definite challenge obtaining something actually Desi spicy.

One day, I got the General Tso’s chicken to see if it was an upgrade from a general General’s version. The meat was an improvement, but even after I told the owner I wanted it spicy, the cook must have seen my whiteness and given me the bland version. Why such distrust?

My favorite thing I’ve eaten there has been the pan-fried chicken, Desi spicy. Appetizers like the momos sparkle, while the main courses are peaks and troughs. One often ordered highlight is the chili chicken, it’s appreciably salty and has the capability to humble you with heat. The soups are a definite upgrade, especially the manchow with hits of garlic and white pepper. Furthest below in the pictures is mushroom datsi, it’s basically sauteed mushrooms and peppers in an Indian cheddar cheese sauce. I think this would be magical on a burger, but as a dish, at the very least, it is an experience. They have other versions of datsi on special too, like ones with dried meat version.

shrimp hakka noodles

american pan fried  chicken
desi pan fried chicken

momo full


Sesame chicken lunch


Mushroom Datsi

Pics: Manchow soup, hakka noodles, pan fried chicken, desi style pan fried chicken, momos, General Tso’s chicken lunch takeout w/ soup, tingmo, mushroom datsi

Himalayan Hut
75-18 37th Avenue
Jackson Heights, Queens


  1. I didn’t like their momos but they definitely have good fish!

    • I couldn’t get a good handle on the sauces they were serving. After last week’s ambassador, I’m leaning towards Bangladeshi places having good fish.

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