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The Latest Flushing Mall – New World, New Food Court

If the Flushing Mall was having second thoughts about turning into a parking lot, this cements it. This new Flushing mall, the New World Mall, opened a couple of weeks ago and is already firmly awesome. Each of it’s neatly organized 4 stories contain a different business mode: restaurant, Asian shopping mall, large supermarket and food court (a big one).

The stores are lively and browsable. Lots of clothing, shoe stores, healthy feeling places and other things I have no business going into. The supermarket, J Mart, is huge, with a big, fresh fish section, and the shelves are probably 2nd in number to only Assi Plaza. Prices were very nice, but this might just be for the grand opening.

On the top floor is Grand Restaurant, which holds around 500 dim sum diners at any one time. Yesterday, at 1:50pm, it was completely full. Lots of interesting plates, diverse carts rolling by and surprisingly minimal commotion; and they were still in the process of building more to the operation like fresh fish tanks. This looks good.

Down the escalator is the food court. There are about 25 to 30 vendors, set up along the perimeter with seating for about 500 in the center. They are still under construction, but are set to officially open this Sunday, May 15th.

With Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, hybrid-American and more stalls, this is going to be glorious when it gets hopping. It may not be as an adventure as the Golden Mall, but this food will be accessible and inviting. The new residents will feel more at home here, and the natives will be more accepting of the Asian culture that’s transformed the area. It’s exactly what Flushing deserves.

Now, let’s talk about this: If it were a typical American mall, there would be nothing exciting about it. Our malls are carbon copies of ones that can be found in any state in the midwest. It’s a real shame the uniformity of American malls. One time there was a real pizzeria in the Sunrise Mall in Massapequa… those days are long extinct. Find one mini-mall built in the last 10 years with character, it’s impossible. The stalls here are refreshing. Many may be chains, but at least they are dissimilar to what already exists in Queens. I bet at least some of these are family businesses, small operations with the owners there in person. It’s always been the new immigrants with the real food in America. We can’t trust hamburgers, pizza, and tacos to be made from scratch anymore. It’s their time.

Stalls include:
Ponji juice bar
Shikoku Teriyaki Express
Tasters’ Delight
Wenzhou Local Flavor Snacks
Tianjin Foods
Mojoilla Fresh (Japanese crepes)
Main Street Burger Shack – Menu
Casserole. Big Bowl of Noodle
Shang zi wei / hao xin xiang
LZ Cafe
Sliced Noodles
No. 10 Xiang Ba La
SzeChuan Cuisine
Pizza 8
Tokyo Kitchen
Noodle Village So Good
Pho Express

Full set of pictures from the New World Mall

40-21 Main St
Flushing, NY 11354
(SW corner of Roosevelt and Main)

See Chowhound’s ever-developing Guide to the New World Mall


  1. thank you. you are awesome. i hope to meet you at one of your events someday. i will check this mall out asap.

  2. Ditto Corey, Jeffrey, you ARE awesome, and I look forward to meeting you soon. Until then, I will eat here…

    • Thanks Tak and Cory, I almost didn’t get the story. I went there with the intent of checking it out, but it was closed. I left and then as I was going back, a voice in my head said GET THE STORY. I went back, and asked the exec office about it. The point man wasn’t there, so I hopped the barrier like I belonged, smiled and started taking pictures. The Flushing Mall food court IS very good, but this is more of what an Asian food court could be. I want to see one in Long Island someday.

  3. Will you be organizing a food expedition here?

    • not sure. I can’t say I haven’t thought about it.

  4. […] was on her way with friends to have hot pot (which, Diana and I also ate after we toured the new New World Mall, which, for reference, 1) has great earrings, and 2) has a Grand Restaurant that is so grand, they […]

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  7. Hi Jeff,

    Do you know how much is the monthly rent for the food stall ?



    • I think it’s 4k, but I might be confusing it with something else.

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