Posted by: Jeffsayyes | April 22, 2011

NYC Pizza App Comment Reccommendation: Mozzarelli’s from Jay

On the NYC Pizza app: Real Pizza of New York, I’m fully accessible. People comment, I comment back, and my phone number is there too if you want to talk shop. Late last year someone wrote me a recommendation:

Me and Jay

…mozzarellis of 23rd st ( has one of the most unique slices I have ever had / pumpernickel white pie with garlic and spinach and also feature. Gluten free for those that can’t eat. You know what they say about pizza : when it’s bad it’s good….

Somehow we got to emailing and Jay (that’s his name) and I decided to meet up for a slice at Mozzarelli’s. Now, consider that this is a slice place catering to vegans… That means soy-based cheese and abhorrently twisted slice decorations. Finding a great vegan slice is like trying to get water out of sand, it’s not gonna happen. But, my best trick to finding great places to eat is being gullible: I will try any place someone tells me is awesome. The last 2 pictures is of the gluten-free slice.

mozzarellis (7)


And…… the regular slice was just about edible, the vegan slice was not. The pumpernickel spinach slice was good, but is that pizza or an hors d’oeuvre? The company for lunch, however, was great. Thanks Jay, keep those recommendations coming!

38 E 23rd St
New York, NY 10010

mozzarellis (2)

UPDATE: I finally did get a vegan slice on the app — Cafe Viva Herbal, thanks to a recommendation from a guest at Roommates Wanted.


  1. Muy buena pizza!

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