Posted by: Jeffsayyes | February 14, 2011

Games & Prizes for the Grazing Experience

The Flushing Mall management gave me a stage and a microphone. Then lots of support came through – So WE’RE DOING GAME SHOWS.

We have lots of giveaways from our sponsors including:

Premium sake from Mike Simkin of MJS Sake Selections
Sauce from Dainobu


Participate in events like The Fortune Cookie Drawl, Blend it Taste it, Broomstick au-go-go, and a Singled Out-type game (if you’re looking, this is for you). On the tables will be challenges for practicing your chopsticks, and of course, the Chili Tasting Table ($5). — Sign up at the event.

More info at the official page


As you may know, this event is like a pot luck but instead of bringing the food from home, each person spends $10 at the food court – then brings it to the common area. It is labeled, pictured, and grazed on. I ask you to order something new, make a mistake.

As me and my team get more prizes for you guys, we’ll assemble more game shows to compete in. Tell your friends, because the BIGGER this event is, the more fun it will be.

People ask me, Why are you doing this???
I just tell them that I want to do something awesome.


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