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Top of the Bronx: Chipper Truck

Boxty on the griddle,
boxty in the pan,
If you can’t make boxty,
you’ll never get your man

I’m looking for the best, neighborhood food trucks in the city. My travels took me to Katonah Ave in the Bronx’s Woodlawn to see the Chipper Truck.

There were some facts about this truck that had me going wild before I even approached it. First, it’s an Irish food truck – something I’ve never seen before. Secondly, it’s all the way up in the Bronx – an area where no food trucks are on my mental map. Third, and possibly most enticingly, their hours are 1am-5am, every night of the week.
Yes, I can.

Our crew drove up at 2am on Friday night. Despite the freezing temps, as we arrived I was melting from the amount of beautiful Irish pubs we passed. There had to be at least 20 guilded O’Hallahans going from East 233rd street up Katonah Avenue.

photo (10)

There she was. I was amazed that it was true. We walked up and despite the Irish ties to the America I was born into, the list of food was as foreign to me as some mid-Asian menus.

There was boxty, the ultra-rare-in-the-states potato pancake, beer-battered burgers and sausages, and it was littered with terms like beans, gravy, curry and chips.

Here’s what we got:

battered sausage
photo (13)
photo (12)

The battered sausages were surprisingly light and the batter felt good with a vinegar taste to it. It tied for my favorite with the Curry Chips. These were french fries drenched with Irish curry imported from Ireland. But for everyone else in my ride, the favorite was taco chips. It had the usual ground meat and cheese over fries, but it added in a pink sauce which took it to a transcendent level.

This might be drunk food, considering it’s 1am-5am. And you might feel like your back in college when you go. But ding darn it, this is probably my favorite truck in the city.

Find it at:
237th St & Katonah Ave
Woodlawn, Bronx

Chipper Truck Facebook page
Watch the Green episode:
Corned Beef Confidential from Baron Ambrosia’s Bronx Flavor


  1. Hell yes, you can! Tips like this make me regret forsaking the automotive life. I wish I could gallantly cruise up to the Bronx for a 2am snack!

  2. Will have to add this to the list of trucks to try. Hmm.. maybe a tab up top to keep a running list of the trucks and their reviews?

  3. Yep – the takeaways here in Ireland sell brilliant batter burgers and batter sausages, and definitely curried chips (though I’m not sure how curried chips are actually an Irish thing, but…). When you come over to visit me here in Ireland, you’ll have to compare the Bronx version to the Irish version of all these delicious goodies, and tell me and the blog which you prefer.

    First though, I need to have you taste something known very well to all Chinese takeaways in Ireland – the strangely named ‘chicken balls.’ Yes, you read that correctly…chicken balls! I initially giggled and then gasped at the name and the thought of such a ‘delicacy,’ until I was informed that all chicken balls are, are chicken breast dipped into the same batter that the sausages and burgers are dipped into (delicious!) and then simply deep-fried, in the shape of a round ball – hence, the name ‘chicken balls.’ Whenever we go for a Chinese takeaway, I always get chicken balls and curried chips.

    So…when are you coming over for a visit, Jeff? From there, how about we hop over to Scotland and sample their legendary deep fried Snickers bars – I am not making that up!

  4. Thank you so much Jeffrey for comming to our truck. We are so happy that ye enjoyed our food. One of my customer’s just told me about this write up. Thank you so much for you’r kind word’s. Drop by again any time…..

  5. I’ve been going to this truck ever since one of my friends first moved to Woodlawn in 2004 (atleast I’m pretty sure its been in Woodlawn as long as I have…times at the Chipper truck all seem to blend into one). It’s great to see it finally getting recognition. The biggest mistake you made was not purchasing by FAR my favorite two items on the menu. #1 Coleslaw Burger…A MUST!. and #2 the Chicken Burger (think Wendy’s but skinnier, greasier and just way better) Hope you make the trip again and take my advice. (The curry chips come in 3rd)

  6. You’r right Zach, We opened the truck in 2004. Check out our facebook page it’s at the end of this article. Our chicken Burger’s are a big seller also and our homemade coleslaw ;-)) Thank’s zach

  7. God I miss the taco chips……I can smell them from here…Well done Chipper truck…we are rooting for you all the way form Mayoxxxx


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  11. Muck don’t eat here pure muck over cooked over charged. And reheated All in 2 mins

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