Posted by: Jeffsayyes | January 9, 2011

Trick or Eat Thanks – Zim! and the AAJA

The challenge of Trick or Eat was that the community is so fragmented. There is no central organization of Elmhurst and there are so many languages spoken. I knew I couldn’t do it myself and I’d have to use Ambassadors for nearly every place along Broadway. It’d be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but that seemed fun to me. In the next week, I will post Thank Yous to the people who helped me recruit in person.


A special thank you to my Vietnamese Ambassador, Zim and the AAJA.

I contacted many organizations for help (especially for the Vietnamese restaurants), but the only one with members that were eager and able to participate was the AAJA (Asian American Journalists Association). They are now in my heart forever. The only person from them, however, to actually walk the streets with me was Zim.

Zim is a professional photographer who helps the public in a much needed way… I know lots of you have your professional cameras that you whip out and cause a scene with before anyone is allowed to touch their food – But do you really know how to use it? And besides reading the manual, what about the techniques that professional photographers use? Zim leads photo tours, helping people learn to use their cameras like a professional. Pretty cool. And Zim is a fun, smart person too. Here’s the link to her site: New York City Photo Safari


We didn’t get the Vietnamese to participate, but she did teach me that I had too much back-lighting in this picture of her. And that to talk Vietnamese, it helps to speak like a southerner. Ex: Bac== baycke… something like that. Thanks Zim.

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