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Best New Ten in Twenty Ten

2010 has been an interesting year in the food scene. Actually they all are. As you probably know, I concentrate my travels on Queens and pizza. These are the places which opened this year that made an impact in the world of Jeffrey Tastes.

10. Steinway goes Madness – Lots of new Egyptian and other Middle Eastern restaurants including Duzan (2411 Steinway) and El Souk (25-85 Steinway St). Walk north of 28th Avenue and you’ll discover.

9. Fiesta Grill (6912 Roosevelt Ave.) – They threw up the bomb that is Filipino lunch specials in Woodside. It was their 5.95 lunch special that gave next door Fritzie’s a run for their money. Add in the old standby Krystal’s 7 and change buffet and now Renee’s is doing it too.
fiesta grill

8. Spawn of Joe & Pats: Pier 76 (76 Bay St) – The more accessible version of the JP pie a few hundred feet from port. And for those of you who don’t even want to take the ferry, there’s Rubirosa (235 Mulberry St).
pier 76 (12)

6. Paulie Gee’s (60 Greenpoint Ave, Greenpoint) – It’s hard to believe Paulie Gee’s started in 2010, but yes, they’re still new. And while I wouldn’t say their existence is news, I’m sure others will. The place is beautiful and so are the pizzas.

5. Best Pizza (33 Havemeyer, Williamsburg)- Just opening their doors months ago, this new pie just might live up to it’s name (with the aid of an oven that operated before pizza even existed in the United States).
best pizza (4)

4. Pizza by Cer Te (132 E 56th St, New York)- This flew under the radar. The first talking point is their commitment to green living and the herbs growing off the wall, but the best talking point is how excellent their pizza is.
cer te (9)

3. Ambala Thai (Corner of 72nd St & 37th Ave, Jackson Heights) – Everyone’s wants to claim the next Sripraphai, but she just wants to cook like home. Look for their breakout year in 2011 when they expand to a full restaurant.
ambala (5)

2. Playground Thai (71-30 Roosevelt Ave) – The original owner of Zabb was so brash to create his own place right next to the guys he sold it to. He’s made a small restaurant existing over his karaoke bar downstairs. Because the selection of songs in English are so limited, an American will benefit from the fact that EVERYONE in the bar knows the words to their song, no matter what country the were born in.

1. M. Wells (21-17 49th Ave, LIC) – It’s like they didn’t create M. Wells to be anything, they created it and It Is. From the tale of a beautiful woman luring her French suitor to working-class Queens, to it’s real food. I don’t have favorites, but if I did…
m wells LIC (7)


  1. Nice work, man. Well done. I’m dying for M Wells to open regularly for dinner…

  2. That Cer Te pizza looks like rabbit feed, but I’ll believe you since you’re the Pizza King.

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