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Real Pizza of New York iPhone app peek: Pizza by Cer Te

This is a sample new entry from my Real Pizza of New York iPhone app. This one in particular was a great find that everyone should give a shot. I try to keep the posts to around 3 paragraphs, but I just had so much to say here!

The pictures are only viewed when you click the slideshow on the app, so I provided a link to a slideshow to mimic the experience.

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The Utopian Future of Pizza

The first thing you will hear about Pizza by Cer té is their sustainability and commitment to green living. They have LEED Gold certification, which is the second highest level of environmental friendship as decreed by the U.S. Green Building Council, they collect rainwater off the roof, get their ingredients (via a hybrid or bicycle) from the Union Square Farmers’ Market, and when in season, their herbs grow right off the walls.

But for me, it’s all distraction. I’m the first person to eat in sin and I usually lose my appetite over words like “sustainability” and other moral modifiers, but I love the pizza here. It’s like they are green not because it’s marketable, but because it’s efficient. Their menus, take-out boxes, and utensils all are 100% recycled and the seeds from the tomatoes are made into dressing. Nearly every by-product is used for something else here.

There is a lot to say about PaCT, but do not distract yourself from the reason you’re scouring this app: It’s great pizza.

The slices are thin, with a crisp, chewy, airy end-crust. It will probably break apart, and it may also make your jaw tire, but that’s just a testament to the flour. You’ll get a feeling in your mouth you’ll be savoring for hours to come. It makes you turn away that post-meal peppermint.

This is a slice for the sauce lover though. It’s chunky, bright, and fruity. If you can’t tell it was made just feet away, you can see it happening live when you look behind the counters.

The Farmer’s slice is funky and sweet with real, irregular corn. Usually a potato slice will be overwhelmed by the bland interruption going from cheese to potato to crust, but here the layer is just small enough to welcome the wetness of the onions and the sweetness of the corn.

The intriguing pizza options are not limited to vegetarian. Besides the beautiful Bianco and Farmer’s slices, there are the sausage-based Cauliflower Merguez and Saw-Seech pies, along with the Godfather and Italian Wedding square slices (called Bakers) among others.

Non-pizza includes homemade pasta, great looking sandwiches and other entrees. Get your boss to buy lunch here weekly.

There are just 2 counters for dining-in, so you will probably have to get it to-go. That’s too bad because for those that sit in, you have the shaker choices of jalepeno oil, roasted garlic oil, sea salt and Danger sauce to dress up your slice.

It’s wishful thinking that this is the future of pizza, but more likely it’s only the utopia.

Opened: 2010
Distinction: Nothing comes from a can. Local, sustainable. Son of Cer té. Rainwater filtration system.

For more on their eco-friendly habitat, see this blog post from Have You Ever Picked a Carrot.

Address: 132 East 56th St, New York, NY 10022 – MAP
Phone: 212-813-2020
Price: $
Price Details: $2.75 margherita slice. $3.50 specialty slices.
Hours: M-F 8am-9pm. Sat 11am-8pm. Closed Sunday.

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  1. couldn’t find the app in my android market, dont’ have an Iphone

    • yeah I know… not on the android… yet!

  2. thanks for bringing this place to my attention. just 3 blocks from my office and I never knew it existed.

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