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Ramp-up to the Midnight Crawl

The Roosevelt Avenue Midnight Crawl is this Saturday.
There is only one NYC nightlife event to be at during the turn of midnight. This is it.

My goal is to open people’s minds to Roosevelt Ave. Lots haven’t been here at all, and others live here but haven’t had the cajones or the reason to experience everything that is available. Even I haven’t experienced everything I’ve highlighted for the crawl, I’ve been waiting for the right moment to do it. This neighborhood is always alive. I hope you will appreciate it.

To prepare you, here are some pieces of advice:

Share! You cannot eat one serving of everything yourself. Share your tacos, your chicken and rice, share your beers. The night will last longer and you won’t throw up. Bring a plastic knife to cut things in half.


The arepa lady will be extremely busy. I suggest you visit her (between 78&79) before the crawl, on the way to the meet-up point. Also, I suggest coming back on another weekend to visit her. The arepas can take a long time to make, if you are two people deep, it might not be worth the time with so many other places to go.

There are 2 parts to this crawl: Food and Drink These can be exclusive to each other. Everyone will likely be in groups, but it is essentially a self-guided tour, so it is what you make of it. If you want to eat, you can eat. If you want to drink, you can drink. If you can, find a good group that is interested in the same things you are.

If you want a deluxe version of the crawl, you can pregame at the late night food trucks in Corona. I would take the train to 108th street, see the Amigos Chimi truck, then head west towards Junction and Warren. You can then walk off that food for 15 blocks to the meet-up space or take the 7 there.

Another pregame event is the Flamenco dancing at Meson Asturias. They have shows from 9-10pm and from 11-12pm. You can sit at the bar or take a table in the restaurant.

We are meeting at the triangle park at 83rd and Roosevelt. Get a map from me for a sampling of things to do. Present the map to the bars and clubs to get free admission or happy hour pricing.

You can start the crawl anytime between 10 and 11pm. Some people will take longer than others to finish. Most people will cross paths along the way, so don’t worry about being with the big group. And try not to spend more than 15 minutes in any given location.

If I could choose 5 places not to miss, they would be:
1) Flamenco dancing at Meson Asturias, (Pregame) 9-10pm
2) Amor, where you step downstairs and pick a woman to dance with for 2 dollars.
3) Kabab sandwich at Kababish (72nd & Bway) or (Kabab King 73 & Bway)
4) Paan snack at either 73rd Rd and 74th St at the video store, or Kabab King.
5) Cuatro Vientos taco truck around 67th street
6) Woodside Irish bars. The official end point is Starting Gate, where they have a beer garden and will have a happy hour for us. But, I am sure people will spill over to the legendary bars: Cuckoo’s Nest, Sean Og’s and Saints and Sinners.

any other questions or concerns, push them my way.

Send your friends the Facebook page to invite them along. The more people, the more awesome this will be. And if they complain about it being Queens, tell them to stuff it and show them the subway map (E and F express to 74th st).

Roosevelt Avenue is a completely different animal when the sun goes down. Nearing midnight, out come arepas, chuzos and transvestites. We’re going to explore everything Roosevelt Avenue has to offer without sitting down.

The Roosevelt Avenue Midnight Crawl
Saturday, August 21st
Warmup period is 10-11pm, starting around the Manuel De Dios Unanue Triangle (83rd & Roosevelt). The ending point will be the Starting Gate bar in Woodside from 1-3am.

Official page


  1. Have a brilliant, fantastic, delicious time! I’ll be there in spirit, wishing I were there, eating, drinking, dancing and sharing in the fun! Can’t wait to read the ‘reviews’ of how everyone enjoyed themselves. Again, have a great night. Roosevelt Avenue rocks!

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