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Judy Ruminates… Sanur

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18 Doyers St
(between Bowery & Chatham Sq)
New York, NY 10013
Neighborhoods: Chinatown, Civic Center
(212) 267-0088

“You can do better. I’m disappointed in you.” I grew up with this mantra throughout my schooling. Where do you think my overachieving neuroticism comes from? My parents love me, but they can be mean. It is with some amount of pleasure that as an adult, I can now give, rather than receive, these choice words. I love Malaysian food, but this Malaysian/Indonesian restaurant clearly needs to hit the books more.

We started out with the classic appetizer of roti canai. It was the poorest specimen I’ve tasted anywhere. The bread was harder in texture than I’m used to – maybe even stale? The curry sauce was anemic, sliding off a cupped piece of bread like water. This dish needs some kind of Frankenstein-level rejuvenation.



The entrees were better, but not by much. The Indonesian curry laksa noodles had one lonely fishball and not much definition to its soup base other than its spiciness. The nasi lemak had a lot of potential, but I tasted no coconut in the coconut rice and the chicken looked so unappetizing I left it on the plate. The mound of tiny fried fish was the only saving grace.

Indonesian curry laksa noodles

nasi lemak

The food here seems tired, and I will not be so biased as to suggest that it’s because the staff are Chinese, which they are. That might be a valid argument if you were in a Japanese restaurant. However, there are plenty of Malaysians who are of Chinese descent. The best Malaysian restaurant I’ve been to happens to be run by Chinese folks who emigrated from Malaysia. It also happens to be in Queens. Taste Good. Elmhurst.* You now know where to go. —Judy Ruminates

* If you don’t think you could ever step foot into Queens, I will stare at you silently for 3 uncomfortable minutes and then reluctantly point you to Bali Nusa Indah in midtown for your Malaysian/Indonesian fix.

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  1. Overachieving? LOL!

  2. Oops thought it was Jeff :p

  3. It’s for the best that those seeking Malaysian thrills be forced to take the train to Queens… a trip to Taste Good could be the perfect gateway drug to a new world of eating possibilities! I wish your future stares a mountain of akwardness, Judy.

  4. Ha ha! Thanks, guys!

  5. The pix seem to bear out your story! Thanks for the post, I am warned.

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