Posted by: Jeffsayyes | August 9, 2010

Roosevelt Ave Midnight Crawl – Bars, clubs and entertainment additions

Now, if we had 100 people crawling down Roosevelt Avenue at midnight just for food, it would overload the arepa lady. She’s so sweet, I don’t want that. So instead of just viewing from the street, I am adding incentives to participate in the imbibing nightlife of Jackson Heights. For the day crawl, the rule was not to step off the pavement. For this Midnight crawl, I’m asking you not to sit down until the end, and check out all the food and bars open all night.

This weekend, I went to every bar and club in the area that I always wanted to check out, but never wanted to pay to get in. Also the places that I wouldn’t necessarily go in without an ambassador. I got free covers and drink specials at every one I asked.

Below is a list of participating bars and entertainment which will be highlights for the crawl. I will provide maps at the start of the event. All you have to do is flash your map and you should get these specials (some aren’t crawl-specific discounts, but are still special). If you think any other bars should be added to this list, let me know and I will try to get them to give us some deals. All of these bars are special in some way, and should be patronized at least once in your life.

9-10, 11-12pm – Meson Asturias – Flamenco dancing performance
10-11pm (Crawl warm-up period)Terraza Number 7 Train Cafe – Happy Hour specials & Radio Jarocho (Mexican folk band)
Caja Musical – No cover
Los Recuerdos – $3 Beer/wine/well
Amor Karaoke – Not a karaoke bar. $2 plus tip for U-pick dances with girls.
Club Atlantis – No cover
Romanticos Gentleman’s Club – No cover
Lucho’s Place – still in negotiations.
1-3am – Starting Gate (end of the crawl) – Happy hour specials + beer garden

The Roosevelt Avenue Midnight Crawl will be Saturday, August 21st. Warmup period is 10-11pm, starting around the Manuel De Dios Unanue Triangle (83rd & Roosevelt). The ending point will be the Starting Gate bar in Woodside from 1-3am. Midnight Crawl main site / Facebook event page

JHL discussion on the clubs
Rundown of Queens Bars in Jackson Heights


  1. If I could, I surely would be there in a heartbeat. Have a great time, and a great feast all along a great avenue.

  2. Hey Jeff, I read your pizza mystery on yelp, but am too dense to figure out how to respond.I’m from Valley Stream amd moved south in 1999.
    OK, I just made a sesame pizza crust at work because I was so homesick for Alfredo’s in Long Beach. It was across from the IGA we used to walk to for beer when we were in High School.

    They closed years ago, but I just made sesame crust pizza today becasue I had the memory of it. Alfredo’s in Long Beach was the best, and they had great wings, too.

    Ok, best of luck!

    Kara Anne

  3. oh god, I just kicked the shit out of was in Point Lookout. But I swear, it had to be Alfredo’s. I remember picking sand out of the seat of my swimsuit while eating this pizza witha warm Sun Country wine cooler.

    Again, I’m so sorry to bother you with this. You’re probably over it.

    Kara Anne

  4. Hey Kara Anne, I believe the mystery I had was solved. It was Mike’s Firehouse pizza in Seaford/Wantagh on merrick rd. they closed and became labella but are now Mary’s.

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