Posted by: Jeffsayyes | July 31, 2010

Hyderabadi Brings the Cart to Little India

There’s a small restaurant, Hyderabadi, in Woodside. It’s on a tributary of Broadway, around the block from Spicy Mina. My first visit there, I realized how satisfying their food was, in particular my revelations with the complexities of a proper biryani. Great stuff, but it was a bit too far for me. A bit out of the way for most people, who probably did not come to Little India to walk 6 more blocks to eat. Their location was my only foreseeable precipitator of their demise.

Today they became mobile and the problem is solved. Their new cart is sitting at the corner of 37th Road and 74th Street, in the heart of Little India. I’ve said it before that if you want great Indian food, look away from 74th street, but now I take it back. Good luck finding a place to sit though.

hyderabadi cart (6)
hyderabadi cart (2)
hyderabadi cart

The food is prepared at their restaurant and brought to the cart’s steam table. The short (and cheap) menu has chicken, goat and vegetable biryani, samosas, and the legendary Chicken 65. The lore of which is that it was either created in 1965 or has 65 spices. Either way, it’s kid friendly and better and realer than a chicken mcnugget. The item on their menu not familiar to me, though, is Baghare Baingan. After some research, it seems to be a simple yet deep-flavored dish of baby eggplant, peanuts, coconut and other spices. I want some.

In comparison to the guilt-laden tastes of the chicken and rice carts a block way like Sammy’s, this is a refreshing trip into a proper meal from a mobile unit. This is real food and if real food prevails, Hyderabadi will finally get the credit (and business) they deserve.

Cart Location:
74th Street / 37th Rd, Jackson Heights

Restaurant Location:
64-02 35th Ave
Woodside, NY 11377

Official Site
Place holder for next blogger to write about the this cart
Hyderabadi on Yelp
Gothamist a fan of Chicken 65
Eating in Translation at the restaurant


  1. Their Woodside restaurant is so close to where I used to live – on 64th, off Roosevelt. I love Indian food…love anything to do with India (especially the food, but also the music and Hindi cinema), and would have so loved to have gone to this great sounding place when I lived there (12 years ago now – amazing how time flies). If ever I get back to New York for a visit and look ’round the old homestead (Astoria, Woodside, Bayside, Flushing and emmm…Rosedale), if Hyderabadi is there (hopefully, it’ll be around for many years to come), I’ll definitely be going there. Bahut shukriya (thanks very much) for the review on how good the food is.

  2. The goat rice is very spicy!!!!

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