Posted by: Jeffsayyes | July 21, 2010

Agua Frescas and Fruit – Between 104 and 108 in Corona

This month is dedicated to Corona – in preparation for the last meeting of the Jackson Heights Food Group this Sunday.

There are many Latin American drink dealers along Roosevelt Avenue, but most sell horchata, tamarind, and either orange or limonada. But one of the easternmost stands of Corona’s Roosevelt Ave, the unnamed fruit stand between 104 and 108, needs to be called out.



This stand has a broad assortment of Latin American fruit like tiny bananas, avocado, and limoncillo, but what interests me most is in the coolers. Here, there is a larger variety of agua frescas than any other stand or restaurant. You can get drinks of mamey, salpicon, mavi (fermented tree bark) and more among standards like limonada and tamarind. There are about 8 drinks in every cooler and they are all individuals. I am not sure if and where they are continuously made, but he always seems to have a full selection.

If you’re a lemonade fan, and you’ve never had it in a Latin American environment, you owe it to yourself to try this version of tart lemon and lime flavor. And if you are looking for a rare drink of any flavor, this could be a promising stop in your search.

Most drinks cost 2 or 3 dollars. Look for the man in the straw hat. When you order, it feels like you are disturbing his vacation. Check out what’s in the cooler and order anyway.


  1. Mamey? Salcipon? I have much to learn. What are the flavors of those two in particular?

  2. good question. salpicon is like a fruit salad in juice. Mamey is an actual fruit. I haven’t had it yet, but some compare it to pumpkin pie = something sweet and sugary.

    In the picture, you can see the listing of potential beverages. Some of these aren’t particular fruits, they are concoctions, such as Morir Sonando – translates to Die Dreaming. It traditionally contains OJ, milk, sugar and ice. I want that.

    I am pretty sure they are from the Dominican Republic.

  3. Morir Sonando is definitely a winner. I gotta branch out and get more beverages down… I can’t handle too much sweet drink, though. A nice, clean horchata will always make my day.

  4. James, salpicon is the watermelon-based red drink that I got during the cart crawl. Not sure if you remember it. It was awesome!

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