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Judy Ruminates… Jollibee – Filipino in Woodside, Queens

I went to Jollibee for the first time this week. My halo halo dessert could have been better, but I got turned onto at least 6 other items. I only knew about the famous fried chicken and the infamous spaghetti with ketchup and hot dogs before, but now I know there’s a lot more to it. They have burgers, mini pies and now have sliders with corned beef, hot dogs and spam. Add to that about 12 fountain sodas and I would definitely like to explore more here. Unfortunately, it’s still corporate fast food, so I won’t be back so quickly. Here’s Judy Ruminates with her review — Jeffrey Tastes

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62-29 Roosevelt Ave
Woodside, NY 11377

The Jollibee mascot is way too cheerful for this person’s Thursday night forage for dinner. The glossy life-size statue at the entrance dares me to enter without leaving with five bags of Filipino junk food. The little bee dolls wink at me from the cash register, asking if they can come home with me. I consider the offer, but decline for fear Hubby will have a conniption over my growing collection of animals. The goal is to get their famous spaghetti and peach mango pie and run out of there before I grab a burger and a green smoothie which that little kid is sucking on.


Safely back at my friend’s place, we get down to business. The spaghetti is not something you and I know as spaghetti. It makes weird sludgy noises as she fluffs it up to distribute the sauce and toppings. The toppings being chopped hot dogs, ham, and shredded American cheese. It literally groans from its own (family size) massiveness.


The first bite tells me how dangerous it is. Think Chef Boyardee spaghetti in a can (a little sweet) x 10 sugar packs. Diabetics beware. Thankfully there is also a pronounced meaty flavor to round out the taste. My tastebuds are happy, but my mind tells me spaghetti should not be candied. Seduction by sugar is wrong!!! I need to write that mantra down somewhere. Oh…right.


I break open the little box for the peach mango pie, noticing how much it looks like a McDonald’s apple pie. In this case, the sugar is where it should be and it’s refreshingly delicious. Let me fall into a sugar coma now. —Judy Ruminates


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  1. I will never forget that “sludgy” sound. Spaghetti, sugar, sauce, hot dogs, and lots of cheese, what’s not to love? It’s addictive.

  2. What a fun review. You are braver than I am, diving into sweet hotdog spaghetti. That’s where I draw the line on Filipino fast food. Barbecued intentines on the other hand…

    Not to nitpick, but “philipino” is wrong. You might want to remove it from your tags. The adjective for things/people of Philippine origin is “Filipino”, or sometimes “Philippine” (like Philippine kitchen), but never “philipino”.

  3. You’re right Xtina! I put misspellings in tags for search result purposes. If anyone searches for Philipino — I’m number one.

  4. Christina – YOU are braver than I if you can eat intestines! I can eat other offal like tongue and liver but not anything that has ever held digested food.

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