Posted by: Jeffsayyes | June 25, 2010

Roosevelt Avenue Find – Cocada de Coco

Here’s something I’ve never seen before:

It happened on the Elmhurst Ave triangle. You can usually find at least 3 vendors here. They don’t seem organized at all, each taking a different curbside of the sidewalk. There are tamale vendors, ice cream coners, nut bakers, trinket hawkers and even halal griddlers. It feels like a free for all, with no one establishing their right to the plaza.

On this day, there was a nice, older lady with a cafeteria tray on top of a shopping cart full of plastic wrapped brown treats. I’d never seen it before and it was only a dollar, so of course I had to get one.


Cocada de coco. Tasted like a caramel macaroon. Strong flavors of coconut and burnt sugar, and it took me two days to eat an entire rectangle. Splitting it among four friends seems like a good idea if you want to tackle it on the spot.

Find it on Roosevelt Avenue.

This was written in preparation for the Roosevelt Ave Street Food Crawl

Recipe for Cocada de Coco


  1. Looks and sounds dee-lish! Where on Roosevelt Ave. is she who sells cocada de coco? Not that I can get there from where I am (Ireland), but … wel l… just to get a picture in my mind of where exactly along Roosevelt Ave., where we used to live (in Woodside, that is), and remember how great all the food was there.

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