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Roosevelt Ave Crawl – Vegetarian Options

Q: Is there any vegetarian food at the taco crawl?

A: Yes, definitely. You’re best friend is a Quesadilla . This is a cheese-centric dish resembling a large taco. Vegetarian insides are more of a rarity, so most carts don’t offer them in tacos as warmly as they will in quesadillas. You need to get into a higher price bracket to convince them to open up a can of calabacita.

Fillings you are likely to find:
Huitlacoche – Corn smut, or if you don’t like the word smut, you can use mushroom or truffle. Truffle doesn’t sound so bad. I had one last night (pictured below), it was amazing.
Quecillo – Some type of cheese, possibly Oaxacan
Champinon or Hongos – Mushroom. Hongo seems to be used more in Mexican dialect.
Papa – potato (rare by itself, get it at the popular 99th st Quesadilla cart).
Calabaza – Pumpkin
Flor de Calabaza – Pumpkin or Zucchini Flower. I’ve seen it translated both ways.
Calabacitas – Zucchini

Quesadilla de Huitlacoche from Sabor at 75th street

You can probably get huaraches, sopes, tortas, cemitas, tlacoyos and burritos with these fillers, although the menu rarely explicitly says so. Sometimes you can find vegetarian tacos, like at Tacos El Ranchero (43rd Ave/97th Pl), but this is an extreme rarity. I have no idea what’s in them, so you should get it and tell me all about it.

Because vegetarian options generally come in larger sizes and this is a food crawl, I recommend you bringing a knife so you can split it with other photosynthephile friends.

On top of that, there are tons of fruit drinks to go wild on. Check out my recent post, Refrescos along Roosevelt Avenue.

Key phrases:
Soy vegetariano – I am vegetarian
sin carne – no meat
la carne es asesinato – meat is murder
Viva los animales! – phrase to celebrate animals
Cuatro patas sí, dos pies no – Four legs good, two legs bad.
Me gustan las flores, son deliciosos – I like flowers, they are delicious

This was written in preparation for the 2010 Roosevelt Ave Street Food Crawl


  1. haha.. la carne es asesinato. morrissey would be proud

  2. Taqueria Coatzingo does a vegetarian taco that I always order along with a meat one. It’s got guacamole, rice, beans, cheeses, pico de gallo and some other goodies. I think they just stuff it full of every vegetarian side/garnish they have.

  3. Mmm vegetarian Mexican food is delicious; it made it so much easier to stop eating meat! I do miss carne asada, though.

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