Posted by: Jeffsayyes | May 26, 2010

Tour Member Impressions of the Staten Island Pizza Leg

From Rachel:

This year I realized that the pizza tour is not about how many slices of pizza you can shove into your mouth but about tasting the pizza. We had 5 scheduled pizza parlors and 2 bonus rounds of pizza. What was supposed to be 5 margherita slices turned into a tasting of 10 different variations of pizza. Overwhelmingly, I found the pizza on Staten Island to be paper thin and pretty strong. At times, the pizzas were as thin as tortillas and yet when you held them up the toppings did not immediately slide off. The sauce was also pretty sweet.

Pier 76 was the thinnest of them all. I had half a slice and felt it was equivalent to three bites. The Pier 76 appetizer slice was just a warm up for what was yet to come. Trattoria Romana turned into fine dining as we ate al fresco complete with silverware and salt and pepper polenta. In addition to the margherita personal pizza, my table ordered a Carciofi (fresh mozzerella, artichokes, garlic & parsley). It was delicious and a white pie. I must mention that Trattoria Romana has the best presentation of red pepper flakes. Each table was given a silver bowlful. Salvatore of Soho took the pie with an impressive rotating coal oven. The pies cooked well done in a minute and a half. It was perfect pizza. Anyone who is a fan of Lombardi’s or Grimaldi’s will have an even better experience at Sal’s. First of all Sal is the warmest host and most talented pizza chef I have ever met. His vodka sauce pizza and calamari with hot cherry pepper pizza were outstanding. Nunzio’s was more of a neighborhood fast food pizzeria. Decent slice at a bargain basement price. I found Ciro to be unmemorable but if al fresco dining is your thing, Ciro is another option aside from Trattoria Romana. Plus Ralph’s Italian Ice is next door for dessert. The bonus round was a wash. Excellent bacon alfredo slice at Nonna’s and a horrible finish at The Square. The Square’s square pizza tasted doughy and raw. Poor quality and execution.

The long and leisure walks in between the pizzerias and the sharing of slices made the pizza tour tolerable. There are a lot of pizza parlors on Staten Island and I’m confident we tasted the best SI had to offer. I can walk away as somewhat of a SI pizza aficionado now.

salvatore of soho (26)

Thanks Rachel!

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