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Judy Ruminates… Sushi of Gari – Judy’s Best in NY

Here’s Judy Ruminates’s favorite sushi joint. No pictures, but a good lesson.—Jeffrey Tastes

Sushi of Gari
Categories: Japanese
Neighborhoods: Upper East Side, Yorkville
402 E. 78th Street
(between 1st Ave & York Ave)
New York, NY 10021
(212) 517-5340

This is my favorite sushi joint. It’s experimental, not classic, and the flavors always surprise me. For example, what do a tomato and raw fish have in common? Not much, but with the right seasoning, they are an awesome combination. Hubby and I come here only for the omakase, and experience has taught us that we really must establish a price we are comfortable with beforehand. Early into our love affair with this restaurant, we were with another couple and we all had the omakase with sake. We ended up with close to a $700 tab. Learn from our mistake- tell the waiter what you’re willing to spend on the meal if you’re doing omakase. I know, I know, it’s awkward, especially in an expensive restaurant, but suck it up and do it or pay later (literally). If you’re independently wealthy, obviously ignore my advice and enjoy. Maybe we could be sushi buddies? Your treat. —Judy Ruminates

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