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Staten Island Pizza Tour 2010 – Bonus Round – Nonna’s and the Square

The Staten Island leg of the 5-Boro Pizza Tour ended at Ciro’s. By that time, we were splitting one pie into 16s. Sal knocked us out and anything more was glutton. But there were 2 more places in Staten Island that were indeed remarkable, and I couldn’t be satisfied unless they were given their exposure. We threw the rules out the window and whoever wanted to go on, went on. And half the group called it a day.

nonnas (5)
nonnas (2)
nonnas (3)

Nonna’s, 27 Brower Ct, Great Kills, Staten Island

I had to put Nonna’s on the tour. It’s the perfect example of an old fashioned crust. They have a rotating oven like Joe and Pat’s and in my exploratory tour, I was impressed with the quality of every slice I encountered. The dining area is too small, though, for our tour and it would have been a shame to leave Ciro’s off the list, so I put it in the extra innings. If this were a full restaurant, their display of fresh specialty pies on checkered tablecloths would be magnificent. But it’s mostly take-out with a small room for people to sit down. We split a few slices and appreciated while we could before our britches burst. Nonna’s is a remarkable place, especially for their old-fashioned crusts and should be mentioned among any top pizza list in Staten Island.

This I have to mention:
From the beginning, we had one intrepid bicyclist on the tour. Everyone else was driven in cars, but the one bicyclist, he amazingly kept up with us the whole way, down to Ciro’s and back up again. If he did not beat us, he was there within minutes of us getting out of our cars. It was a true testament to bicycling as a transportation option. Here’s to you, Carl.

carl (4)
carl (5)
carl (6)

The 2nd stop in the bonus round was a pizzeria that I was tipped on just days before the tour. The Square specializes in Sicilian slices, done with the cheese on top of the crust, then the sauce on the cheese. Similar in composition to the most polarizing pizza in NYC. What a wonderful slice. What stood out for me most was the strong yet flowing sauce. One tour member called it the 2nd best of the day and another the worst. This is a sign of something special.

They opened up just 6 months ago, and when we arrived, people were continually taking out half and complete sheets of pizza. They were non-stop with their beautiful baker’s oven, which although 25 years old, looked like it was from the turn of the century. Already it’s making a splash in the neighborhood and was even listed among the top pizzerias for Salvatore of Soho’s 8-year old pizza expert daughter.

The Square, 1910 Hylan Blvd, Dongon Hills, Staten Island

the square
the square (2)
the square (4)

It is amazing that within 1 mile, you can go to Trattoria Romana, Salvatore of Soho, The Square, and Nunzio’s. You can even go to Goodfella’s too, if you like their advertising. Old Forge? Forget that, Staten Island is the pizza capital of the United States.

And that was all.

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  1. not a fan of the square. 🙁

  2. The Square sucks balls. Anyone who likes their food needs a taste bud transplant

  3. Are you kidding me, I don’t know what everybody see’s in nonna’s or the square. I think Nonna’s crust and cheese is horrible & the square is has the sweetest crappy sauce i’ve ever tasted. I’m just wondering who does the judging. Wake up Staten islanders..Take it from a guy who knows pizza, Brooklyn pizza that is try Domenico’s Pizzeria in Bay Terrace. This guy is got it mastered..Pizza & food. Unbelievable crust, sauce & cheese. Try them & let me know

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