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Queens Taste of the World 2010 – Interview with the Taste Masters

I got the chance to interview the Taste Masters for Queens… Taste of the World 2010: Dave Lieberman (Celebrity Chef) and Anahad O’Connor (Author & New York Times reporter). This event showcases over 40 restaurants from all over Queens and is a celebration of our diversity in eating. I wanted to learn more about who they are, why they are Taste Masters and how they got here. I actually asked them different questions individually, but somehow they ended up answering the same set. Enjoy.

Where do you live and why do you live there?
Anahad: I live on the Upper West Side, with every other New Yorker who isn’t yet hip enough to have caught the news that Queens is the place to be.
Dave: I live near Lincoln Center, right by Central Park, so I can jog and take my dog out too many times a day.

What will you be doing at the Taste of the World event?
Anahad: I’ll be eating my bodyweight in food, doling out top honors with Dave, and trying my best not to embarrass myself.
Dave: I will be hanging out with all the participating restaurants, tasting a lot of great food and saying a few words with Anahad O’connor, my partner in crime.

What does the future of food on TV look like? Are there any trends you see?
Anahad: Food is playing a large and fast-growing role on TV. The trend right now is reality-food television — taking real chefs and real foodies and following them as they explore food beyond the confines of the kitchen.
Dave: All I can say is more. There seems to be an insatiable appetite for food-related programming of all kinds. How appropriate!

What can we get in Queens that we can’t get anywhere else in the city?
Anahad: The best Italian food I’ve ever had.
Dave: The Z train?

What are some of your Queens secrets?
Anahad: When I want real, Old-World Italian food, I go to Queens — Long Island City and elsewhere in the borough.
Dave: My friend who is an incredible baker makes the most amazing brownies out of her apartment in Astoria and sells that on the weekends at a local famer’s market. Amazing!

What were some important steps to getting your books published?
Anahad: Coming up with a concept that people really like and find useful.
Dave: Writing the proposal for any book seems to be the most important step. A good agent helps too.

What is the process and who decides what you talk about on your shows?
Anahad: I’ll let Dave, our resident TV chef, take it away on this one.
Dave: Doing a food show is a pretty collaborative process. There’s no real script, so I get to work with producers and figure out content and talking points and themes together. It makes the process a lot more involved and interesting.


The event will be held on Tues, May 18th at CitiField.
For more info and tickets, see

I am giving away 2 tickets to Queens Taste of the World, To win, send me your Best Queens Underground Tip – ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY MONDAY, MAY 10th.

Thanks Dave and Anahad for your time. See you at the event!

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