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Mid-Pizza Tweet Dump

I get a lot of ideas. last december I was thinking full force about doing something in a flushinig food mall. It’s still in the works, but I’m busy with other things until then. Expect it in October or so – when it starts to get cold again.
I know these tweet dumps seem stupid, but it’s important to keep a record of all these sites and posts that I tweet about. I’d hate to see then lost in the annals of the internet.

lots of great things here, like the beginning of the Ambassador program, villacolombia bakery, my involvement with 93 plates, the birth of Edible Queens and winter fun in Queens

Went to City Ice Pavilion in LIC earlier. it’s an ice rink on top of a building. I smiled so much today.
8:22 PM Jan 30th
Tex Mex Ambassador Program last night was a lot of fun. Good food, good people and a bit of Texas Learnin. Queso! Thanks to @JennyHighlife
11:23 AM Jan 30th
Fornino Coming to Park Slope – and my thoughts of the original:
6:59 PM Jan 29th via
Monster Jam at nassau coliseum this and next wkend. Use code ROAR for $15 tix (30 normally). It’s a lot of fun, the trucks are so LOUD!
5:32 PM Jan 29th
Fornino was nice. Won’t make the 5-Boro Pizza Tour 2010 though.
5:30 PM Jan 29th
Just got Cooking with Pomiane . It’s my fav book I never bought. Man is good.
12:22 PM Jan 29th
@kathrynyu I always regarded Fornino as a lesser Motorino – so I never went. But there’s only one way to know for sure…
11:30 AM Jan 29th in reply to kathrynyu
Woahhh, I never heard of this one. YES! more #brooklynpizza reg pies only RT @brianrhuff Antonio’s right off the 7th Avenue Q Stop!
11:26 AM Jan 29th
Checking out Fornino today with @H18 – Any remarkable pizza in bklyn I should know about? XdifaralucaliluigismotorinorobertasL&Btotonnos
11:17 AM Jan 29th
I mislinked this article last week. About the JHFG and Ambassador program
10:59 AM Jan 29th
@LaLa5F Food Asexuals?? unfortunately this sounds too accurate.
12:37 AM Jan 29th in reply to LaLa5F
I’ve always wanted to go to White castle for valentines @JacksonHtsLife It was my parents fav date spot. that and Jahns
7:45 PM Jan 28th
I prefer food explorer to foodie. or mouth conscious.
7:42 PM Jan 28th
Sals pizzeria of little neck today. Great old school place, but unfort won’t make the cut. Sal is really nice. his crust rocks.
7:31 PM Jan 28th
not sure what I dislike more, being called a hipster or a foodie.
11:49 AM Jan 28th
apple iDontcare
1:42 AM Jan 28th
Saw an amazing spread at Java Village in Elmhurst the other day. This place is a treasure chest of Indonesian food.
1:04 AM Jan 28th
@TaraLSF To me, the word ‘tex-mex’ was always an insult. I am ready to be enlightened.
7:27 PM Jan 27th in reply to TaraLSF
World’s Fare dines with friends on pig head at M&T in Flushing
9:00 AM Jan 27th via HootSuite
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Didn’t make it to EQ’s panel on The Queens Food Scene? Read all about it
7:18 PM Jan 26th
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Thanks Joe! Good job. RT @JoeDiStefano Special to World’s Fare: @Jennymiller’s recap of my M&T Ambassador Dinner
6:24 PM Jan 26th
The Inaugural Ambassador event- M&T Northern Chinese Wrap-Up:
3:35 PM Jan 26th via
@pepsico @pepsi Make throwback Pepsi permanent. There is no shortage of sugar, just an abundance of lobbyists. Do the right thing, beat coke
11:54 AM Jan 26th
This woman is trying to eat every country in the world without leaving NYC. pretty cool…
11:31 AM Jan 26th
@citizenjane do you twitter to tweet or twitter to listen? #twitterfuck
12:46 AM Jan 26th in reply to citizenjane
Great Village Voice piece this week on Northeast Taste Chinese organ meat
12:45 AM Jan 26th
yo — parantha at raja sweets at 74/37 — that is some really good stuff
9:53 PM Jan 25th
you guys know about sal’s in little neck? I’m getting hungry.
1:23 PM Jan 25th
Looking for rec’s for remarkable, outstanding pizza in queens (not new park, amore, nicks, rosejoes, rizzos)
1:11 PM Jan 25th
Judy Ruminates… Edible Queens Winter Warm-Up Wrap-Up:
11:44 AM Jan 25th via
@wmmiv There’s a lot of bad pizza in this town.
10:31 AM Jan 25th in reply to wmmiv
I think I’d like Philly. It has history and grime.
10:20 AM Jan 25th
I am in a truck stop in VA watching the jets game in some trucker theater, still stuffed from Bill’s BBQ 2 hrs ago. life does not get better
4:09 PM Jan 24th
Judy Ruminates… Yoshinoya – Manhattan Theater District Japanese:
10:32 PM Jan 22nd via
Judge a man not by the color of their skin but by the content of their stomach.
11:26 AM Jan 22nd
RT @JacksonHtsLife Le Gamin and Jackson Heights together at last? — There goes the neighborhood…
1:48 AM Jan 22nd
Jake Moon – Clarksville, NY:
6:30 PM Jan 21st via
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Jim and I of the JHFG chillin with World’s Fare’s Joe D at Samwongahk. Talkin KoChi food…
1:16 PM Jan 21st
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you guys know about the baron ambrosia (Bronx Flavor)? oh, he’s the best
11:21 AM Jan 21st
Ambassador at M&T in Flushing was….. Awesome! This is going to be a great year.
1:40 AM Jan 21st
Kababish – Not much better than this place. They have a kebab burger if anyone wants to do one of those janky blog posts.
12:55 AM Jan 20th
El Barrio Guide Released!:
10:02 PM Jan 19th via
anybody know how I can get the JHFG into the Chinese New year parade? can’t find a contact.
12:07 PM Jan 19th
In startling news to @Queenscrapper, immigrants are Helping NYCs econ growth
11:59 AM Jan 19th
@H18 Wandering Foodie stumbles on the coastline at Pizza Gruppo –
12:58 AM Jan 19th
got an email that I had 7 compliments from yelp. Thought my blacklist was over and I got ROTD. nope, @yelp hiccuped.
12:42 AM Jan 19th
pepsi throwback… isn’t as good as mexican coke. Kind of smoother than regular pepsi. I hope they make the permanent change though.
12:35 AM Jan 19th
Can you name all the locations in this Video? Re: WBurg, Will Oldham: @dragcityrecords
10:39 PM Jan 18th via
got 2 cases of Throwback pepsi at the Met. This should last me through the year.
6:21 PM Jan 18th
Wow. Seriously wacko combination restaurant—Union Amore Brick Oven Pizza Hookah & BBQ Lounge. Only in Queens:
10:02 AM Jan 18th via
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The Anatomy of a Find: Villacolombia Bakery:
9:34 PM Jan 17th via
New Yugoslavian restaurant in Astoria (bway/35th) called Marshall. Looked pretty good. prices not bad. I want to go.
3:47 PM Jan 17th
ohh, Pepsi’s got a throwback now. Anybody know where I can pop a can?
3:42 PM Jan 17th
went to merit farms for momos. I didn’t request spicy sauce and damn this white skin, they gave me bland tomato sauce.
2:44 PM Jan 17th
tibetan and pizza were a weird combination last night. They are fighting each other for my whim of today. Good people last night -JHFG
1:40 PM Jan 17th
Judy Ruminates… Spice – Union Square, Manhattan:
8:32 PM Jan 16th via
@Brownstoner why are you still going to Castro’s? It’s watered down for suburbanites. check out el cofre a few blocks over.
2:10 PM Jan 16th in reply to Brownstoner
The Case Against Ketchup:
9:45 AM Jan 16th
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Toddg gets the scoop on the new Tawa Tandoor in JH
1:02 AM Jan 16th
Ironbeer found in Met Supermarket:
10:28 PM Jan 15th via
Nice article on the #JacksonHeights Food Group Ambassador program organized and hosted by @JeffreyTastes
8:43 PM Jan 15th
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Check out the Leisure section this week in Queens Tribune for a great article on the Jackson Heights Food Group & the Ambassador Program!
6:22 PM Jan 15th
I have no idea why recognized me in this article for recognizing Edible Queens… but that’s cool.
6:14 PM Jan 15th
Tacos El Consentido Menu Translations – introducing chalupas:
1:33 AM Jan 15th via
God rest his soul. but I feel like I shouldn’t be alone with Pendergrass
12:43 AM Jan 15th
I just want to shout out this guide to Mexican cheeses
10:39 PM Jan 14th
There’s about a billion dollars worth of aid up for grabs every month if we pull out of Iraq. Seems easy to me.
8:51 PM Jan 14th
New writer Judy Ruminates on Chinese House – Murray Hill, Queens:
1:10 AM Jan 14th via
Delightful Jp gentleman, former kabuki actor, pressed my hand softly & said, “You know, the best sushi chefs are all gay.”
8:53 PM Jan 13th via TweetDeck
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Signed up for the NY Marathon. 1 in 9 chance of getting in. Never ran more than a mile, and I walked half of that.
2:18 PM Jan 13th
Friends Korean, Goodbye. Koba, you left the door open…:
12:59 PM Jan 13th via
contemplating another pizza tour… getting that iiiiitch
2:39 AM Jan 13th
El Paso Restaurant – Woodside Mexican, a Coatzingo alternative:
2:22 AM Jan 13th via
Anselmo’s Pizza debacle gets worse
7:55 PM Jan 12th
NYC restuarant week restaurants listed. And here are my recs
7:52 PM Jan 12th
Roosevelt Food Court – Closed:
12:47 PM Jan 11th via
Friends Korean in Woodside is not Koba. smaller menu. more pictures. advertises microwavable containers…
12:06 AM Jan 11th
Tacos de lengua are not “elaborate attempts at Mexican authenticity.” People actually eat them.
3:42 PM Jan 10th
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In Albany. got tips like X wings + marsala pz from I love NY pizza from @H18 and Gus’s Hot Dogs from
1:41 AM Jan 10th
@citizenjane Thanks for the tip on Taxi Gourmet – how’d you know I take taxi cab food advice as that from above?
8:34 PM Jan 8th in reply to citizenjane
Taxi Gourmet is looking to YOU to explore favorite cabbie hangouts for the new year !
12:17 AM Jan 8th
just got a few new bookmarks from attn: hungry cabbie’s last meals
6:53 PM Jan 7th
Lost Hope RT @EdibleQueens Too good to be true: Obama reneges on campaign pledge to end big ag subsidy loophole. Ca-ching!
1:05 PM Jan 7th
What Joe D’s having for lunch: The mighty Bosna Burger: YUM.
12:22 PM Jan 7th via HootSuite
not many surprises, but I’m still happy – Serious eats People’s choice awards
2:21 AM Jan 7th
Fritzie’s Bake Shop – New Woodside Filipino Bakery:
7:22 PM Jan 6th via
It’s the hinge that squeaks that get’s the grease.
2:51 PM Jan 6th
I dig Polito’s
12:53 PM Jan 6th
Slice becomes a Queens Convert RT @slice Help! Where should I go for pizza in Astoria, Queens, NYC?
12:53 PM Jan 6th
Scouting NY checks out Brooklyn Navy Yard
3:26 AM Jan 6th
93 Plate Project at Bistro Les Minots – Astoria: @H18
3:09 AM Jan 6th via
edible queens blog is up, but the comments are my favorite part. Lots of good recs
3:55 PM Jan 5th
Finally I have some competition!:
12:32 PM Jan 5th via
lots of exciting stuff coming up in JOTastesland
11:30 AM Jan 5th
some sicko made this: every restaurant along the 7-line
1:07 AM Jan 5th
A wine & cooking challenge for the JO crew:
2:01 PM Jan 4th via
Holy shit, this food writer is 13-years old! his writing actually keeps my interest. too bad mainly manhattan
12:50 PM Jan 4th
had a great meal tonight at Bistro le Minots with – Glad to have French with integrity in Queens.
11:27 PM Jan 3rd
found something new in the Met today. Ironbeer. cuba’s national soft drink. It’s just a cola, so of course I had to have it.
2:05 PM Jan 2nd
@citizenjane I think people post my events on FB as it is actually. I’ve heard rumors….
12:31 PM Jan 2nd
@citizenjane yes, I think my time is better spent off facebook. keeping it real over here. word of mouth is my best friend.
12:27 PM Jan 2nd in reply to citizenjane
Carne asada fries mmmmmm
12:57 AM Jan 2nd
Had a good lunch at new filipino bakery Fritzie’s in woodside today. Happy to have them in my 1 mi. radius.
4:42 PM Jan 1st
La Sultana’s food is good, but overshadowed by the countergirl. Que linda!
2:44 PM Dec 31st, 2009
82nd st & roosevelt is very joyous today. Lots of NYE vendors out, everyone in a good mood..
2:40 PM Dec 31st, 2009
Mi Buella Puebla II Review – Cemita killers:
11:42 AM Dec 31st, 2009 via
green is sexy, speed is out with the 90s – MPG is the new MPH
9:54 PM Dec 30th, 2009
NYT best-of-09 cheap but still snooty list
11:56 AM Dec 30th, 2009
@sandoids I’m not sure I can bring myself to working in the facebook environment. Is this correct? –> #fb
12:41 PM Dec 29th, 2009 in reply to sandoids
Anselmo’s Pizza in Red Hook – Closed
12:38 PM Dec 29th, 2009
how the hell do you gain 5 lbs at christmas dinner?? seriously.
1:30 AM Dec 29th, 2009
considering creating a facebook page for … I think more people would get on the train, but I don’t want to be an addict
1:26 AM Dec 29th, 2009
75th Street NE truck menu translated:
1:17 AM Dec 29th, 2009 via
NYP article: the underground market of chinatown I want some
12:51 PM Dec 28th, 2009
The best guide on the Flushing Golden Mall so far
1:15 PM Dec 26th, 2009
Finding the basement of the Golden Mall:
11:10 AM Dec 25th, 2009 via

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