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Announcing the 2010 5-Boro Pizza Tour

I’ve been all around this damn city looking for the best pies since Creation. And now it’s time to share. You may have seen lately that I’ve been doing exploratory tours through the boroughs looking for remarkable pies. I am continuing it as I type, and am now working towards a great tour for each borough. Last year was fun, but this year we are going deeper. Deeper into Queens, Deeper into Staten Island, Deeper into the Bronx, Deeper into Brooklyn and Deeper into Man-mother-effing-hattan.

Here’s how it works:
We will tour for 5 Sundays, a different borough on each day. We will sample a slice or 2 from each shop, ordering by the pie. At the beginning of each tour, I will have a map of 5 remarkable pizzas of varying styles in the borough. Of those, only 1 will be from last year (The “winners” from last year). We will be transported by car. The drivers’ food is paid for by the passengers. We order regular, no topping pies by the pie as the measure for comparison. You can order more, but keep it safe. This is a marathon, not a race. Attendance is in groups of 8s.

New Features:
– I am having a bicycle tour parallel to the driving tour. Let me know if you are interested in this. If we have 6 people, the bicycle tour is a go.

I am not running any sort of grading system, but I don’t discourage you from doing so. I would love to have people write about their pizza tour experiences here. Why should I be the only one with a voice? If you want to write, you can use this blog as an outlet for your experiences with the tour. Name your winners, say what sucked and what should have been on the tour, whatever you want. You don’t have to make a work of art, you just have to tell your story.


This is an ambitious tour, one not for the general public. But I am sure we can find enough freaks in this city of 10 million to satisfy a proper pizza eating group. This is not meant to be a feat of strength, we leave that to AYCE and IFOCE. This is a tour de pizza. Some of the places I haven’t been to yet, and I would be extremely surprised if anyone has eaten at all of the pizzerias city-wide, even all of the pizzas for just borough tour.

Self-discovery questions will be answered. Do you prefer a dollops or a spread of cheese? Are you NYC or Naples style? Which types of ovens do you prefer? Brick, Coal, Metal? And does it matter? What does cost bring?

Some pies may fall limp to your palate, and some will exceedingly surprise. I encourage attendees to bring their own comparison systems, if any, as it would be interesting to trade notes on grading. Myself, I don’t care to rank Bests. But that does not mean you shouldn’t. I think every place has their own merits and is special in their own way. Every pizzeria is somebody’s wife. That being said, this is an open-to-interpretation tour, there are no rules.

The Queens Pizza Tour will be on Sunday, May 2nd. Let me know if you are interested and I will put you on the pizza list. I coordinate everything through email.

See the main site for complete details – 5-Boro Pizza Tour

Il Colosseo (2)

– If you are interested, send me your name and location. I am aiming for groups in multiples of 8. Let me know if you would like to be a driver. Send me a message to be put on the list. I will send confirmations.
– Drivers will pay nothing (other than drinks), and will abstain from drinking alcohol during the tour and cell phone talking while driving.
For the first tour, priority seating will go to those who went to last year’s pizza tour. From then on, priority will go to those who’ve been on this year’s previous tours.
– We meet at the first pizzeria or driving arrangements will be made accessible if there are multiple people coming from the same area.

For more questions, check the Pizza Tour FAQ

And if you need another’s opinion to prove the validity of this event, you can see my press clippings for last year’s tour below:

Daily News
NY Mag Grub Street
Examiner 1
Examiner 2
Queens Tribune
Queens Chronicle

Who’s in?


  1. Sadly, I can’t make the Queens tour (I bet you’ll fill that list before I even get on the pecking order, anyhow). I am, however, extremely interested in the Staten Island tour! I’d love to go on the BK tour as well, but since space is limited I’ll just say I throw my chips on getting onto that SI shortlist.

    If I should be getting email announcements on this outside of the blog posts, please feel free to set me up for that. Thanks for keeping us informed, Jeff.

  2. I am unable to go on the Queen’s tour due to the date. I would be interested in the Manhattan one depending on the date.
    Thank you, Carol

  3. I’m interested in attending the Queens tour. I live in Eastern Queens. Bellerose to be exact and have a car and would be willing to drive. Please add me to the list and I look forward to attending, if there is space for me.

  4. Sadly, I too am no longer living in Queens (or New York, for that matter), so I won’t be able to sign up for what promises to be an amazing 5 weeks of pizza bliss. I eagerly look forward to reading about this journey as it progresses through the boroughs – particularly Queens – and will delight at every description of every pie as well as every photograph you take (so take lots!).

    If I ever get back to New York (or America, for that matter) priority number one is to frequent all my favourite pizzerias, one delicious and amazing sliice at a time. Have a fantastic and tantalizingly delicious five Sundays, everyone.

  5. I’ll be away for the Queens tour. Keep me posted on the others.

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