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Queens Taste of the World 2010 Tickets Giveaway Contest – What’s Your Best Underground Queens Find?


Queens… A Taste of the World (May 18th) is probably the most exclusive food event in Queens (partly because of the $100 pricetag). It features a diverse group of over 40 restaurants from all over Queens and will be held at the greatest baseball park in New York, CitiField. I’m particularly excited to see the offerings from La Fusta and White Castle. See their full list of restaurants here. Proceeds go to the Queens Economic Development Corporation.

I am giving away two(2) tickets for the winner of the Best Underground Queens Find Contest.


Two(2) tickets to the person who sends me their best Underground Queens Find. This tip doesn’t have to be about food, but (full disclosure), food does hold a special place in my heart. Some examples of your entries might be the new huge Buddhist temple in Flushing, or the Thai festivals at the Wat Buddhist Temple, or Walter’s Deli in Maspeth, or Tommy’s Pizzeria in Richmond Hill or even the Scum River Bridge in Astoria.

I will judge the winner based on fun of the find and how much the tip actually delivers. So send me your greatest Queens find! No limit to entries (don’t go crazy though), email me jeffsayyes-gmail or comment your entry on this post.

I will announce the winner during the first or second week of May.

In addition, within the year, I will write a post about each tip that is submitted for this contest.

Good luck!

Review of last year’s event from Foodista


  1. I used to walk across the scum river bridge all the time!

  2. My favorite food find isn’t much of a secret these days, but it was when when I first moved to Astoria 10 years ago. San Antonio Bakery No. 2’s Hotdogs Completos are one of my favorite Queens’ treats!

  3. ohh, that’s a good one. I haven’t been there yet. it’s actually kinda under the radar b/c of it’s location.

  4. Obviously I am disqualified as a member of Jeff’s staff and I’ll be covering the event anyhow, but I do want to let people in on a secret about Chinese egg custards.

    You know the egg custards that you get in dim sum houses? Those are crap! You want the real deal? Try the Portuguese egg custards.

    With a torched top, dense texture, and deep flavor, this is a hyper-realized egg custard. Once you try one, you won’t go back. You can find these at Tai Pan Bakery on Main St.

  5. […] am giving away 2 tickets to Queens Taste of the World, To win, send me your Best Queens Underground Tip – ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY MONDAY, MAY […]

  6. One of the best Indian places in the city Ganesh Temple Canteen. Great food and low prices. I also really love Alley Pond Park in Queens which features an adventure course for kids and family camping.

    • Thanks William – I haven’t been there yet! I was just talking about it yesterday with my new friend Chitra! I gotta go.

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