Posted by: Jeffsayyes | April 4, 2010

El Gallo Giro is Brick and Mortar. Always has been.

This was a surprise to me. Many of us wondered how the cart which only popped in at night could stay in business.

gallo giro

Evidently, the cart is supported by an actual (mostly take-out) restaurant. I asked if they were new and they had no idea what I was talking about. The menu is larger with platters, cemitas, soups, breakfasts and more taco/torta options like lengua and vegetariano (whatever that is). It was small, but fun. The people were inviting and I would not hesitate to come here at all. Imagine getting tacos from the Gallo Giro cart, but without dealing with that cook…

Tacos El Gallo Giro
41-06 Junction Blvd
Corona, NY 11368

No chop chop chop heard inside this storefront, same owners though.

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  1. awesome PI work!

  2. […] heard the Gallo Giro taco cart chopping their meat in the window. Months ago, I came across the mothership and based on their great reputation, I thought it would be a promising stop in my search for the […]

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