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Super Bowl – Chinese Steam Table Surprise – Maspeth, Queens

super bowl chinese (3)

Super Bowl Gourmet Chinese Food
59-63 55th Rd
Maspeth, NY 11378

Riding through Maspeth hungry, chasing the white rabbit, anything would taste good save McDonalds at this point. I popped in a few delis with barren steam tables and I was losing hope among the truckyards and graveyards.

mt zion

Sometimes a Chinese take-out in the middle of nowhere can have some distinguishing characteristics. Sometimes it’s got character and the homemade American-Chinese gives a surprise. Sometimes they fry the rice in the pan rather than buying the yellow kind. Sometimes the soup noodles are thick, also fried in-house. Sometimes the pieces of chicken sesame are torn from the chicken rather than torn from the packaging. These are some of the surprises I look for.

There were specials listed in the menus and on the walls, but the one on the steam table appeared to be the only applicable one. It was a choice of lo mein or fried rice, an egg roll or soup, and 3 sides for $5.39. Now, price is one thing, but the quality here was excellent. Seen below is pork fried rice (salty, not stale or yellow) with a sweet fried fish and celery (tasted very fresh. Reminded me of fish I’ve had in Fuzhou restaurants straight from the tank), spare ribs (normal flavoring, but cooked very well. Moist and soft.), and chicken with mushrooms (good, definitely good). It was entirely too much food. Unbelievable. I had no option to bring half home, so I finished it all. This may have been a mistake.

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Now, I know there probably isn’t a tank out back, and maybe I caught them on a good day when the delivery was fresh. And probably if I had to get 3 more items among the 15 or so choices, I might start to get disappointed. But the place was continually busy with blue collar workers merrily marching in and being disappointed that their favorite item was sold out. It seems legit and I believe this may be the best mall American-Chinese in all of Maspeth.

$1.50 for a quart of their Ice Tea. Probably supermarket brand, but it was pretty good.

Is it valid to review based on one meal? Eh, who cares? I won’t be back and this place has zero coverage. It should be available internetically to the people of the Holiday Inn Express next door and those contemplating the McDonalds sharing the lot. Also, I know that basically none of you are going to rush to Super Bowl based on this review. But at the very least I am trying to encourage you to explore and be willing to fail. Don’t be afraid, if you lead with your nose and have a little bit of faith, you may find some real food where you least expect it.

super bowl chinese

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  1. watta rube… eat somewhere once and rave on about it. sorta like ur first piece of A$$!

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