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Munch Madness! Final Food Brackets

It’s March Madness… No, it’s Munch Madness!

Pick out your favorite foods from the brackets, NCAA style, and see who the winner of your own Munch Madness will be.

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This is a bracket any American can fill out. Even 9-year olds would have fun with it. Imagine your favorite version of each food. For instance, for Donut, I would imagine a jelly donut from Peter Pan Bakery in Greenpoint. For Hamburger, I would imagine a Five Napkin Burger or maybe a Shake Shack burger. Ham would be that amazing Christmas spiral glazed ham that all Jews love. Create the perfect versions in your mind and have them face off against each other.

Just like in the NCAA, some selections don’t seem to fit in their regions, but whatever, that’s the luck of the draw. Also, keep in mind that for whoever wins, this doesn’t mean hot dogs are better than pizza, no, it just means that on this day hot dogs outlasted pizza. You just wanted it more.

Download and print out the sheet, send to your friends and let the controversy begin. What is the best food? Madness!

What wins your brackets? Who did you take to the finals in NYC?

Loaded means with the works. For pizza, it could be any artisinal pizza or a stuffed pizza. Could be Motorino or Lou Malnatti’s. Bacon Cheeseburger is essentially a loaded cheeseburger.

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  1. My 7-year-old had a blast with this. French Fries took the chompionship. Personally, I think the ref made a bad call, allowing Hot Dog to edge Ice Cream in the Final Four

    • a friend and I brought it on a car ride to Jersey on Saturday. We were only able to make it through the first round in four hours! I was in a meat mood I guess, because pizza lost in my brackets in the first round! imagine that….
      there’s a lot of tough decisions here. I think this might be my favorite game ever.

  2. Pizza slice was my winner, but it was a ruthless battle between pizza, sushi and coffee

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  4. Sushi wins for me. There were some cruel face offs, Ice cream vs Coffee and Bagel vs Sushi. I think I need to have a meal made of my final four: Dumplings, Mac & Cheese, Ice cream & Sushi.

  5. The seeding didn’t work, but OK! This was sooooooo fun.

    Sweet Sixteen- Wings, Ham, Cookie, Donut, Pasta+Meat, Pasta+Sauce, Meatball Hero, Fried Chicken

    Elite Eight- Hamburger, Pie, Ice Cream, Taco

    Final Four- Pizza, Lobster

    Runner Up- French Fries

    Chompion- Steak

  6. haha, yeah the seeding I didn’t really go into. It would have just been too much to contemplate for me. Would have taken weeks to perfect.
    Nice picks, Matt. FF seems to go to the final four nearly every time for people.
    what type of steak won? was it a T-Bone? Was it one that you make it yourself?

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