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A Tweet Dump, Agin

Here’s more tweet dumping. lots of good memories. Beef patties in flatbush, wow, they are still dreamy. for a bit I was trying to get more garbage cans on Roosevelt Ave. I’m still trying, but got frustrated with bureaucracy. Reading this makes me want to try even more.
the I’m Hurt hospital sign…
it’s amazing how much information passes us by. Every day there is a new IT factoid. What is actually useful? And all the great food we pass by… It was fun while it lasted, but I wish I could have it all at once. Is that what heaven is like?

taco crawl write-ups were much appreciated. I will do a midnight one at the peak of heat season. Great pictures by Times Ledger and MacDonald of Colombia School of Journalism

Immaculee Bakery in Flatbush- Gnarly beef patties:
1:39 PM Dec 11th, 2009 via
Al pastor taco at Beky’s in Corona – ’twas a revelation!
11:08 AM Dec 11th, 2009
am I using twitter right? All I’m doing is giving away my best secrets… Yo, I got a another one comin right up! Top 5 taco of all time
7:59 PM Dec 10th, 2009
Got a tip for legit Chinese in Woodside. Yes, woodside. It’s called Weiside on 39th and 61st. Could it be true?
1:56 PM Dec 10th, 2009
Food Group Sunday at U Dzika We’re doing a Warmth Drive -If you have coats/blankets for contact me
7:34 PM Dec 9th, 2009
Graffiti doesn’t seem to be that much of a problem along Roosevelt Ave. Redirecting my efforts towards trash.
1:06 PM Dec 9th, 2009
Shoutout to @TableWineNY – A needed addition to JH. JO-approved prices too. My wine education starts now.
11:08 AM Dec 9th, 2009
@zoraoneill Viva Queens! here are my lucha libre pics
1:03 AM Dec 9th, 2009 in reply to zoraoneill
Roosevelt Ave/Jackson Heights Subway Station Carts Guide:
7:15 PM Dec 8th, 2009 via
I’m just going to shout out this blog and see what happens @La_daisy
4:02 PM Dec 8th, 2009
Here’s a taco crawl from Sietsema’s VV of a few years ago
3:54 PM Dec 8th, 2009
Holy Moley – Mole tamale at roosevelt ave station. pretty good. It’s so nice out – Get the most of it before it turns tonight
2:14 PM Dec 8th, 2009
El Gallo Giro taco cart at the roos station translates to “Cock Spin” – I had no idea! big tacos too
1:16 AM Dec 8th, 2009
Bought chanukah gifts for my neice at 79th st Native jewelry stand. They are from arizona. took the bad energy off my stuff before i paid.
8:06 PM Dec 7th, 2009
Parts of the cow in Spanish Google can translate the entire page. Thanks google! did good
8:04 PM Dec 7th, 2009
2 new permanent links on my site: and
12:42 PM Dec 7th, 2009
8 December – Memories of John
10:24 AM Dec 7th, 2009 via twitterfeed
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Tonight I learned that Avena is a hot, thick oatmeal drink with cinnamon. NE cart of 75th and roos.
2:36 AM Dec 7th, 2009
Great photos of the taco crawl from the times ledger
9:51 PM Dec 6th, 2009
@QueensCrapper adds their commentary to the taco crawl -does not disappoint with their aversion to change/immigrants
1:12 AM Dec 6th, 2009 Sell! Sell!
1:05 AM Dec 6th, 2009
This yelp review is for yelp fan #87
12:03 PM Dec 5th, 2009
Mama of Leo’s Latticini died–mama-s–matriarch goodnight, mama
1:11 AM Dec 5th, 2009
Euro Market on 31st st in astoria – the baddest selection ever! they even have my sweetness: arsenaloye
7:05 PM Dec 4th, 2009
Table wine on 37th ave and 39th is legit…. there goes the neighborhood.
7:00 PM Dec 4th, 2009
@jorgeimontalvo SlimFast cans recalled:may cause diarrhea, nausea, vomiting -I think thats how theyre supposed to work
1:11 PM Dec 4th, 2009 in reply to jorgeimontalvo
Shoutout to Beer, Wine Tasting videos with michaelyblam on Youtube
9:44 PM Dec 3rd, 2009 via
ohhh, The taco crawl makes the Queens Times Ledger
1:23 PM Dec 3rd, 2009
Audio slideshow of the Roosevelt Ave Taco Crawl:
12:52 PM Dec 3rd, 2009
Audio slideshow on Sammy’s Halal Cart
12:49 PM Dec 3rd, 2009
Speakeasy bowling alley FOUND in ridgewood, queens. – there is so much to be discovered in bkly/queens
11:08 PM Dec 2nd, 2009
Now, we’re up to date: This #yelp review is for yelp fan #86 Thanks so much
12:36 PM Dec 2nd, 2009
and Yelp Fan #85
12:31 PM Dec 2nd, 2009
This yelp review is for Yelp Fan #84 Thanks for the support!
12:31 PM Dec 2nd, 2009
Vote your Local Food Hero Mine is Kababish for best restaurant
11:04 AM Dec 2nd, 2009
They fixed the Im hurt (Elmhurst) hospital sign. Noooo
1:14 AM Dec 2nd, 2009
What is this??
11:55 AM Dec 1st, 2009
My interview with Uncle Phaedrus: keeper of secret recipes
10:39 AM Nov 30th, 2009 via
Pics from the Roos Ave Crawl &
10:09 AM Nov 30th, 2009
If the weather holds up, I will chronicle every garbage can on roosevelt from here to corona.
10:08 AM Nov 30th, 2009
Proof that one person can make a difference
10:07 AM Nov 30th, 2009
Great taco crawl today. People were nice as anything, fun and hungry. Even the weather was on our side, Thanks God!
11:01 PM Nov 29th, 2009
Full steam ahead. Roosevelt Ave Street Food Crawl at 1pm tom. Bring your friends &don’t get stuffed b4 82nd st!
1:52 AM Nov 29th, 2009
I’m thankful the neck was in my turkey this year. Thank you, Empire – you are the Kosher Kings!
1:00 AM Nov 28th, 2009
Following a tip tomorrow morning in the Bronx: Cocqui Mexicano. Rumors of ridiculous pernil & chorizo…
12:50 AM Nov 28th, 2009

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