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Los Cuatro Vientos Taco Truck – Roosevelt Ave, Woodside menu translations

Los Cuatro VientosThe Four Winds
Location: Roosevelt and usually 67th St.
Time: When the sun goes down.

This is my newest favorite truck. I can’t believe I didn’t know about it until last month. The tacos are packed with meat. The selections are plentiful. The food is salty and soft and fatty. Everything I could ever want. Also, the onions are caramelized just a bit on the carnitas. It’s great. I think I would prefer this to even Coatzingo. I can only recall 3 tacos I’ve enjoyed moreso than here, al pastor at Bety’s in Corona, carnitas at El Globo and that one where they have the spit on the street on Roosevelt. All 3 of those I need to do more research on.

There is a lot of English on this menu, the operators are good communicators and are sweethearts. I highly recommend you try a taco from here – but watch out daysiders, they only run late into the night.

Al Pastor – Shepherd style pork. This is similar to a gyro, schwarma or doner. The only tacos I wouldn’t recommend here are the al pastor. This may be a lesson in taco trucks, as it makes sense it’s not great. It’s not freshly cut from the spit. It nearly tastes plastic. I am pretty sure they don’t create the taco filling themselves. I’ve tried all the other beef and pork tacos, they are highly recommended.
de pollo – chicken
de carne enchilada – spicy pork
de lengua – tongue
de carnitas – fried pork
de campechano – beef steak and with Mexican sausage. Translation: Hearty
de suadero – brisket of beef. Smoother texture. Steamed.
de pernil – Roast Pork
sobrebarriga – Flank steak
de bistek – steak
de cecina – salted beef

Taco de campechano (steak and chorizo)

Sobrebarriga Taco

Most people get tacos here, and so far I can’t resist having a taco. The rest of the menu is sort of a mystery, as I haven’t seen any of this in real life, but the translations are below.

Tortas – Mexican Sandwich
Tortas Milanesa – I’m not sure why they phrase it this way. You can usually have milanesa de res (fried steak cutlet) or milanesa de pollo (fried chicken cutlet)
Tostadas – Fried open-faced tortilla
Tacos Dorados – AKA Flautas (flutes). Rolled, skinny, fried tortilla with fillings. Flautas are flour tortillas, taquitos are corn tortillas. I’m not sure what they sell here.
Quesadillas – a cheesecentric dish.
Gorditas – Kind of like a sandwich with a thick tortilla shell. I’m not sure how they do them here. translation: little fat girl.
Sopes – palm sized, thick tortillas (usually made on the grill), open faced sandwich
Guaraches – AKA Huaraches (said same way). Translation: sandal. The translation gives a clue to what they look like. Usually they are about a foot long, with a fried homemade shell and hold their long list of ingredients on top, open face style.
Tamales – a corn based dough with a filling, steamed inside a banana leaf.
Champurrado – Hot chocolate
Arroz con leche – rice milk
aguas frescas – translation: fresh waters. This is usually Horchata and jamaica drinks, where they have the huge tub of a drink they make. I’m not sure if they make any here. It’s possible there’s some in cups in a fridge aboard the ship.
Jarritos – sodas
soda de lata – Canned soda

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  1. hmm. ive been a fan of the al pastor – and it does have something to do with the person making it.

    there was time when i threw out my al pastor because it was badly made. the tongue is good. mmm mmm.

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