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More of the Tweet Dump

Here’s more of me tweet dumping. There’s lots of good links and info here. I use twitter like mini blog posts, without much of my bantar with myself.

I still haven’t gone to the boat burning in LI. Royal Kathin festival in Elmhurst was still greatest thing on earth. The taco crawl and Thanksgiving.

Roosevelt Ave Street Food Crawl is a GO!:
8:23 PM Nov 27th, 2009 from
Here are some Common Roosevelt Ave street food Translations: to help you with the taco crawl
10:22 PM Nov 25th, 2009 from
#thanksgiving What’s your fav part of the turkey? I like the neck and crispy skin
2:17 PM Nov 25th, 2009
This Yelp review is for Yelp fan #83 !
6:28 PM Nov 24th, 2009
There better be a freaking neck with my turkey this year
11:43 AM Nov 23rd, 2009
This starts my weeklong series on Roosevelt Ave: What is a Cemita?:
6:37 PM Nov 22nd, 2009 from
I’m not complaining, but why am I getting hundreds of views a day from people searching for “bbb”?
11:17 AM Nov 22nd, 2009
My Korean interest is piqued. Friends Restaurant started it. Went to Mi-dang tonight and I liked it! yes, I said it.
8:30 PM Nov 21st, 2009
Did a tour down roosevelt today. Looking good. We even got an after-party place. We’re gonna have fun next Sunday.
8:27 PM Nov 21st, 2009
Here we go. Dec 22nd, Cooking with Jazz comes back – I don’t know for sure what this means but I’m in.
10:55 PM Nov 20th, 2009
Danish Christmas Fair today and this wknd in bk heights
11:01 AM Nov 20th, 2009
Not sure if I should stay in and nurse this budding sickness or go out searching for wild turkeys in Corona.
2:28 PM Nov 19th, 2009
Help, I’m stuck in a youtube hole!
12:16 PM Nov 19th, 2009
This #Yelp review is for yelp fan #82 !
11:26 AM Nov 19th, 2009
Lucho Libre comes to Queens!! I am so in.
10:23 PM Nov 17th, 2009 from
Can someone please go to salvatore of soho in the Bronx and make sure this mxer fxer isn’t claiming to be #1??
8:57 PM Nov 17th, 2009
My goal for the last 2 months has been to get one new garbage can on Roosevelt Ave in Jackson Heights/Elmhurst.
4:25 PM Nov 17th, 2009
Before I go any further, you guys gotta check this out: al pastor cemita from El Poblano with the pineapple on top
4:20 PM Nov 17th, 2009
Tia Julia will be on the taco crawl -eating in transl review
6:49 PM Nov 16th, 2009
Jackson Heights Food Group strikes again! Biggest and baddest food group yet. Thanks ya’ll for stimulating the local economy.
11:42 PM Nov 15th, 2009
31 days of pizza Some great picks in here. I tip my slice to this crew.
10:52 AM Nov 15th, 2009
New Polish deli/rest in JH is Legit. pics:
1:59 PM Nov 14th, 2009
Tre Amici’s – Great Seaford road stand:
12:34 PM Nov 14th, 2009 from
Village Voice writes up the Taco Crawl on their blog you know, the VV just GETS it.
12:19 PM Nov 14th, 2009
RT @nycscout cemetery in Queens used be part of a farm…farm’s long gone but the cemetery remains, one of NY’s oldest:
9:19 PM Nov 12th, 2009
Not sure what this means for the future, but NYC now owns Coney Island
8:55 PM Nov 11th, 2009
Guide to eating away from factory farms: RT @EdibleQueens Avoiding Factory Farm Foods: An Eater’s Guide
6:57 PM Nov 11th, 2009
NYC Chef Sue Torres takes a stroll down her hometown of Corona
2:05 PM Nov 8th, 2009
This #yelp review is for yelp fan #81
1:27 PM Nov 7th, 2009
That is too good – @vibeansy What was lit on the “Elmhurst” hospital sign in Queens
10:00 PM Nov 6th, 2009
@krls2dagrave yeah, the ethnic resource guide is dated. truth. do your research b4 u go. I called one last night and it was disconnected.
1:45 PM Nov 6th, 2009in reply to krls2dagrave
Going to the yankee parade now. Hey #Bloomberg – No amendments needed for a 27th! Yankees are real winners.
9:56 AM Nov 6th, 2009
Here’s a great resource of cultures in NYC. Lots of little known places (to eat) in here:
10:48 PM Nov 5th, 2009
This is Passion, dedication, and love. About soda. an example to us all.
12:47 PM Nov 4th, 2009
You gotta see this: My Royal Kathin 2009 Rundown:
12:45 PM Nov 3rd, 2009 from
My review of the Egyptian Al Shamy cart on Steinway is for Yelp Fan #80 – One of my favorite street carts in Queens.
11:05 AM Nov 3rd, 2009
My first time at a main st Salvadoran deli in Farmingdale, Vasquez, today. Great home cooking and something novelty for a deli – booths.
8:08 PM Nov 2nd, 2009
Pan de Muerto Search on Roosevelt Ave today
6:19 PM Nov 2nd, 2009
I’m not satisfied with my death bread at panaderia coatzingo I’m heading deep into Corona to find satisfaction
1:10 PM Nov 2nd, 2009
Pics from the Royal Kathin Thai festival in Elmhurst. Incomparable and free.
11:16 AM Nov 2nd, 2009
My interview with Marnie Old – Wine extraordinaire!!:
7:20 PM Oct 31st, 2009
Here’s a cemita from Mi Bella Puebla II in Elmhurst strong herbs in here
11:51 PM Oct 29th, 2009
@LaLa5F You can find salvadoran pan con pollo in huntington station. I bet any salvadoran place has it, but where can you find a salv place?
12:02 AM Oct 29th, 2009in reply to LaLa5F
You foodies gotta check this out… It’s the Salvadoran national sandwich… Pan con pollo – sounds simple, right?
7:36 PM Oct 28th, 2009
Thai festival in Elmhurst this Sunday – I’m going.
9:47 AM Oct 28th, 2009
Timeout NY gives best food neighborhoods
5:37 PM Oct 27th, 2009
Took a tour of 108th st in Forest Hills today. Lots of interesting delis and markets – Pics with notes
12:16 AM Oct 27th, 2009
Boat Burning at LI Maritime Museum this Friday (this looks awesome)
7:57 PM Oct 25th, 2009 from
Cemita at Tia Julia is a Monster!
8:57 PM Oct 23rd, 2009
Had a Sal, Kris and Charlie Bomb and Italian yesterday. Quality working man heroes. Iavarone Bros is in my sights for an Ital hero adventure
10:09 AM Oct 23rd, 2009
Some great picks for Best of JH by Time Out – Finally, no mention of Jackson Diner!
6:07 PM Oct 22nd, 2009
Had the dumpling fest on my events sidebar but no more. For now on, only JO approved events. Forget dumplings, we got Wunderbar block party.
5:38 PM Oct 20th, 2009
@zoraoneill @MsDommie I got a godfather at Sorriso’s… I can’t believe I’m saying this, but there’s too much meat on here! next time SKnC.

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