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Pique Y Pase El Pepin Ecuadorian Truck Menu Translations

Pique Y Pase El Pepin is located on Warren Street and Roosevelt Ave, along with at least 2 other trucks during the daytime.

The menu is as follows:
Hornado – Roast pork
Fritada – Fried pork
Guatita – beef tripe stew
Seco de chivo – Braised goat stew
Seco de pollo – chicken stew
Carne Guisada – beef stew
Papas con cuero – potatoes w/pork skin ??
Lengua Guisada – Beef tongue stew
Encebollado de pescado – Tuna soup
ceviche de camaron – Shrimp cocktail (ceviche)
carne asada – grilled steak
caldo de bagre – Catfish soup
mixtos – probably mixed seafood ceviche
banderas – NOT exactly sure. it translates to Flags. Probably means a combination of tamales, humitas and morcillas? which is tamale, sweet tamale and blood sausage – which Could represent a flag of some sort.
tamales – corn meal concoction wrapped up and steamed in a banana or corn husk
humitas – sweet tamale ( still trying to figure out the difference )
morcilla – blood sausage

Quaker – Oatmeal-like drink
Mora – Blackberry
Coco – Coconut
Tamarindo – Tamarind
Morocho con pan y nata – Corn drink with bread and cream – probably a breakfast bite.

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  1. El nombre de este restaurant es copiado, hay otro en Ecuador de mejor categoria y con platos exquisitos.

  2. great stuff !

  3. muy bueno el.hornado sr .. Soy el muchacho de.connecticut !!! Lol solo por el.hornadito.voy para queens ,,

  4. Hola.
    Mire en Travel Channel la recomendacion de este truck. Pronto lo visitare. Que viva Ecuador!!

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