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Tweet Dump

Lots of great memories from last year…
pizza tours, norwegian buffet, a few shoutouts, more pizza obsession, growing of the JHFG and eating with sinners…

Introducing: The Coastline
8:40 PM Oct 19th, 2009 from
$5 margarita pies at Fornino this week. I may have to make my maiden voyage. And it’s about time.
8:05 PM Oct 19th, 2009
Major success at the JH Food Group, Queens is uniting
12:24 PM Oct 18th, 2009
Is there anything more enticing than this? 😉
11:19 AM Oct 17th, 2009
I want Bill’s Burger. I want it now
11:17 AM Oct 17th, 2009
Tour de Bronx Rained out! blow me, weather.
5:09 PM Oct 16th, 2009
I like to be scared as much as anyone. but this is too much… Happy Halloween.
9:16 AM Oct 16th, 2009
Great source for some counter culture landmarks of #nyc:
7:14 PM Oct 15th, 2009
Queens is so passionate about eating. This is what makes the mag Edible Queens so good
12:01 PM Oct 15th, 2009
JHFG Anniversary Dinner Announced! Hornado Ecuatoriano at 76th, this Sunday at 6pm. Let me know if you are interested.
7:53 PM Oct 14th, 2009
posted to Q&A with Larry Ambrosino of SI Pizza Tours Part 2
9:45 AM Oct 14th, 2009 from
Great story on NPR today about vanishing #Jewish delis ft. Ben’s Best includes a substantial glossary of deli terms
5:20 PM Oct 13th, 2009
Jackson Heights Diwali 2009 Pictures
5:49 PM Oct 12th, 2009 from
OHNY at Masonic Lodge pics. Many secrets revealed!
11:19 AM Oct 12th, 2009
OHNY pics, St Vincent de Paul Church
11:19 AM Oct 12th, 2009
Queens Farm pumpkin picking pics: This weekend is the last for Night Corn Maze
11:18 AM Oct 12th, 2009
Diwali Pictures 2009 Great showing by local restaurants this year
8:53 AM Oct 12th, 2009
Elm’s Cafe Lunch set picture $4.50. you pick 3 (or so).
8:43 PM Oct 11th, 2009
The holy grail of How to be a Chowhound circa 2001 (little has changed). enjoy:
8:12 PM Oct 7th, 2009
I dig the Mustard rundown on Serious Eats. I was surprised in my agreement with their choices Maille Forever!
7:20 PM Oct 7th, 2009
Love it. RT @lassonyc put it in the piza!
10:41 AM Oct 7th, 2009
Open House New York is this weekend How come I just find out about this yesterday??? #ohny
9:39 AM Oct 6th, 2009
JH’s prayers have been answered. Louie’s Pizza on Baxter has opened. And it’s worth the wait. Best of luck, Louie!
12:47 PM Oct 5th, 2009
just got back. bicycled to Montauk from Astoria. End to end. it was far.
8:02 PM Oct 3rd, 2009
Complete respect for the pizza map on – Concise with varying styles & popularity – all top tier pizza
9:36 AM Oct 1st, 2009
JH Food Group written up in About Queens blog
8:55 AM Sep 30th, 2009
Got lost in Brooklyn Heights today and found this
5:59 PM Sep 29th, 2009
You cannot eff with homesick Texan’s list of Mexican in NYC!
9:37 PM Sep 28th, 2009
Cannelle Patisserie has NO business existing in Jackson Heights. That place is a chocolate oasis. Jean-Claude is a croissant missionary.
7:29 PM Sep 28th, 2009
Pollos Marion 69th & Roos: Yo, this is a nice lunch! soup rice salad and a side of meatballs – $6. Didn’t seem promising, but woah woodside
12:26 PM Sep 28th, 2009
Great tip! RT @NewYorkology: NYPD weekend street closures list makes for a great survey of festivals, parades, etc:
3:40 PM Sep 27th, 2009
Congratulations @RedHookFoodVend and @schnitzeltruck – Big winners at Vendy Awards!
10:00 PM Sep 26th, 2009
Just got back from le fooding event at PS1. It was okay. long lines. small samples. should have been a free show. nice to be outside though.
9:48 PM Sep 26th, 2009
blowback leads to some great recs for undercover pizza. 3 boys from italy-bronx. moto in ft greene, gabys in hollis, lenny & johns-flatbush
11:32 AM Sep 25th, 2009
did a radio interview with 1010wins. should be on tomorrow with John Montone in the morning. it went well, I was ON! sleep now.
9:08 AM Sep 24th, 2009
ALERT: Macho Man Randy Savage is half-Jewish!
8:20 PM Sep 23rd, 2009
was in midwood, got an artichoke pie from Di Faras. won’t get it again. and am very happy with my picks yesterday. Wed is the best for DF
6:01 PM Sep 23rd, 2009
I love this article, better than DN! Grubstreet is in my heart
6:43 PM Sep 22nd, 2009
Yooooooooooooooooooooo,Daily News covers the 5-Boro Pizza Tour:
8:49 AM Sep 22nd, 2009 Manhattan Pizza Tour Wrap-up with many pictures.
1:41 AM Sep 22nd, 2009 and the proof of said cemita. damn.
12:05 AM Sep 22nd, 2009
eating a milanesa de res cemita from Tacqueria Coatzingo at the request of Big Jeff of chowhound…. wow. this thing is massive and amazing.
11:41 PM Sep 21st, 2009
JH Food Group pics at Spicy Mina: Norwegian church buffet pics here:
5:48 PM Sep 21st, 2009
can I give a shoutout on this thing? woah- @urbanoyster is awesome!
9:15 AM Sep 21st, 2009
found 20 dollars, pizza tour finale was awesome, JH Food Group was awesome, giants won in the closing seconds. Great day. my back hurts.
12:00 AM Sep 21st, 2009
5-Boro Pizza Tour coda in Staten Island today. Goodnight cheese, sauce of tomato. Goodnight coal crust. Goodnight.
12:10 PM Sep 20th, 2009
Ouch @citizenjane @JeffreyTastes this is weird, but pizza-related:
9:57 AM Sep 15th, 2009
Pictures from the Manhattan Pizza Tour!
11:28 PM Sep 13th, 2009
Manhattan tour was…. awesome. Patsy’s, Keste, Johns of Bleeker, Arturo’s then L’Asso. All top tier pizzas. It was a blazing success.
10:17 PM Sep 13th, 2009
I am interested in Le Banquet in E Flatbush (Hatian food former Rocher D’Horeb) after reading this:
9:17 AM Sep 13th, 2009
Manhattan Pizza Tour today. On the docket: Patsys of E Harlem, Pizza Fresca, John’s on Bleeker, Arturos and L’Asso. Then Gennaro’s Feast.
8:55 AM Sep 13th, 2009
I am interested in chimichurri trucks
5:46 PM Sep 11th, 2009
Pan con Pollo at Cardiolo’s pupuseria in Huntington Station. There is nothing like this anywhere and for $3.50? what??
7:15 PM Sep 10th, 2009

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