Posted by: Jeffsayyes | February 7, 2010

Another Tweet Dump

oh, the memories of tweet’s past. I can’t believe I started this during the first Pizza Tour. some highlights include a video with Holly Moore and the Indonesian bazaar. memories…

@citizenjane I am a fan of Baltika number 4. Those pints.8 are a perfect size for me.
9:53 AM Sep 10th, 2009in reply to citizenjane
Loving JHTrade Fair’s selection of Russian Beers. Baltika 0 through 9 and Arsenalnoye – so cheap and so good.
1:08 AM Sep 10th, 2009
San Marzano slices for $2 – pretty good deal. L’Asso serves great slices at the bar too. Pizza lunch is looking up in Manh.
6:50 PM Sep 9th, 2009
I needed my pernil at Bodega Hispana in Huntington Station tonight. Been dreaming about pernil since Sunday. tastes like grandma’s turkey.
9:14 PM Sep 8th, 2009
Puglia for pizza was great, but they don’t do a sauce and cheese plain pie. unfort disqualified. L’asso is excellent but is quite hipster.
2:24 PM Sep 8th, 2009
exploratory tour today-Joes, Johns, Bleeker St, Keste. Johns was cool. Ran into Scott’s pizza tour at Keste.we had a match of pizza wits
6:03 PM Sep 3rd, 2009
Mark the pizzaman from Roebling Pizza tipped me onto Puglia for the tour. Putting it on the exploratory list….
6:01 PM Sep 3rd, 2009
Bronx Pizza Tour Wrap-up! A pizza tour never to be forgotten.
12:29 PM Sep 2nd, 2009
Yo, I need a good excuse to go to Taste Good in Elmhurst already. It’s been too long on my to-do list.
12:28 PM Sep 2nd, 2009
pictures from Bronx Exploratory Tour (sorrentos, pizza italia, cx bx pizza, circle pizza)
10:09 AM Sep 1st, 2009
Bronx does pizza awesome. Cross Bronx, L&E, 089, Marios, Carmines, & Real Italian Pizza. Pictures from the tour:
8:15 PM Aug 30th, 2009
What do you guys think about people who dunk their burgers in condiments?
10:58 AM Aug 29th, 2009
A 5 grease stain experience for the Dilly Dog at Dilly’s of New Hope, PA courtesy of @HollyMoore
6:57 PM Aug 28th, 2009
extra points to Rizzo’s pizza in Astoria for offering RC Cola and Stewarts Root Beer from the fountain.
7:53 PM Aug 24th, 2009
White pizza from Salvatores of Soho —– woowwowowowwowoowwwowww. and I barely like white pizza. Ridiculous. Staten Island!
10:45 PM Aug 23rd, 2009
SI Pizza tour- another great exploration. Salvatore’s of Soho exceeds everything including the hype. I fell in love with Staten Island today
10:34 AM Aug 23rd, 2009
Doner Turkish in Williamsburg – Wow, that’s some doner with integrity. I was very impressed. those spoiled kids just got very lucky.
5:03 PM Aug 22nd, 2009
Tsering Momos on 37th St in JH. I applaud their bravery as the only non-Indian/Pak on the block. funky store, short menu, not bad food too.
10:44 AM Aug 21st, 2009in reply to LaLa5F
Just got a tip for LaRocca’s in SI veeeerrry intriguing…
5:16 PM Aug 20th, 2009
Staten Island Exploratory Tour pictures:
The ferry is awesome!
8:31 PM Aug 16th, 2009 -pollo peruano in corona – I had to do it b/c peking BBQ ran out of bbq – and I’m glad i did! very comparable. god is good. plus a salad.
7:27 PM Aug 16th, 2009 -LI Maritime Huge Seafood Festival in 2 weeks!! I always wanted to go to this.
8:48 PM Aug 15th, 2009 -going to indonesian food bazaar tomorrow. Last time it was fun. this time they have a ping pong tourny
8:37 PM Aug 15th, 2009 -Yelp party at water taxi beach. surprisingly good pulled pork & burger. ID taken by the popo – that’s what I get for helping a brother out.
6:46 PM Aug 14th, 2009 -rode my bicycle around the perimeter of manhattan today. Harlem is big. Absolute Bagels A+. The Intrepid is big too. my butt hurts.
4:19 PM Aug 14th, 2009 -@HollyMoore Great Video, congrats. You’ve been my favorite guide since creation. Come back to NYC! RE:
8:05 AM Aug 14th, 2009 –I want to go places, do stuff! Why was I out of the loop til now??
7:59 AM Aug 14th, 2009 -Brooklyn leg of the 5-Boro Pizza Tour Wrap-up posted Motorino, Roberta’s, Luigi’s, Delmar, L&B Spumoni Gardens
7:06 PM Aug 12th, 2009 -I am 240 reviews behind on my blog from my yelp reviews…. Not sure how to approach this task of being in the now on the blog.
4:04 PM Aug 12th, 2009 -better burger nyc… I’ve had better. should have gone to sarge’s.
4:01 PM Aug 12th, 2009 -Loaded sicilian at Gino’s in Elmhurst. their pan pizzas are unsurpassed. Today at 11am was the first time I’ve loved shrooms and/or peppers.

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